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Your 5 Must-Pack Holiday Essentials | Plan Your Long Due Holiday

Planning to go for a long-due holiday after the covid19 hiatus? You must plan it soon and do it now. But the next question in line that will haunt some will be the selection of the place to visit, with the onset of summers in India. That can still be done easily, if one can decide on the preferred choices of places to visit and explore in this season.

The holidays should be filled with spontaneous craziness and curiosity to explore the unexplored. The weight of your baggage should not drag your spirits down in any manner. The basic idea here is to help one travel light and comfortable to extract the summery and light feel of the season. 

So, let’s have a look at, what all essentials one must have in his/her baggage to enjoy a long-awaited summery holiday. 

  • Linen Pants: A must-have for summery and comfortable vibes. Linen is celebrated as the summer fabric as it is less affected by the sun, and standard moisture regains of 10 to 12 percent. A linen pant in subtle, earthy colour will definitely hook your vacation closet with ease and class. 

  • A Cotton Shirt Dress: Either pairing it up with light bottoms or wearing it as a dress, a cotton-linen shirt dress can be a versatile piece of clothing in your suitcase. A bright-coloured one can also add a pop of colour to your travel wardrobe.

  • A Comfortable Top: Lightweight and breathable tops and shirts can help you dress up your casual look on-point. Teaming up with linen pants or denim will surely offer the flare one needs on a relaxing vacation. 

  • A Tote Bag: Keeping aside the travel bags or big backpacks, one definitely needs classic tote bags with great storage and convenience. This will not only provide you with a storage capacity; it will also add the desired glamour to the overall summery ensemble you have put up.

  • Comfortable Footwear: Travel requires comfortable footwear as it can either make or break the entire experience. Seeking comfort, durability and strength are the least requisites of any footwear. Go for something which, along with these parameters, are trend-setters, versatile and classic.

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