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What Should You Do About A Wisdom Tooth Cavity?

We all are aware that cavities are really painful, but do you know to what extent it can harm you? Are you aware of a wisdom tooth? If not, then you must read further to know about it.

A wisdom tooth is the final set of wider area teeth, which is located at the last corner of the jawline. They help you to chew and grind your food, making eating more comfortable. But at the same time, they are more prone to infections. This pushes you to take care of your wisdom tooth more. 

And if you’re fond of eating junk food, sweets, chocolates, or glucose foods, then you need to be more conscious. You must brush more than usual, use a good paste, and must have a regular dental check-up to avoid cavities and their further consequences.

Here are some of the solutions to your wisdom tooth cavities:-


Cavities should not be ignored and neglected, especially when the cavity is in a wisdom tooth as it can spread to other teeth as well. In this case, you must immediately visit a dentist and get a check-up. If the cavity is at its initial stage, the doctor will prescribe you antibiotics to keep away the germs. But some doctors also recommend filling the hole. And if your tooth is completely destroyed, then it needs to be extracted and removed. It’s better that you have a habit of regular dental check-ups to avoid the latter problem.

Dental experts at Constitution dental and Dentist Ottawa downtown recommend getting regular dental checkups as serious issues related to wisdom teeth can be avoided.

Clove-peppermint oil:

You can also use clove or peppermint oil to reduce your pain. You can either use it directly applying it to your tooth, or you can use a drop of oil with your paste while brushing. It is beneficial to avoid cavities.

Doctor prescribed toothpaste:

It is essential to look after your teeth from the beginning. For this, you must not use any random paste. You can ask your doctor to prescribe a good, medicated paste to avoid tooth problems. You must brush at least twice a day to avoid cavities. Doctors also recommend brushing every time after you eat to kill the germs and prevent cavities. 

Warm salt water rinse:

If you’re suffering from severe pain, then you can also go for a warm salt water rinse. It is a traditional method to reduce pain and kill germs. Generally, salt kills any kind of germs. This warm salt water rinse gives instant relief. And obviously have no side effects. 

The medication process may sometimes have side effects or do not suit you. The best thing to do in this case is to use peppermint oil and have a warm salt water rinse. And do not forget to consult and inform your doctor about the same. As few medicines are not suitable for all the patients, and your doctor should know that it didn’t suit you as well.