What Is A Thesis Statement? How Do We Write It?

A thesis statement is like a summary of academic content. It addresses all the important points of a piece of writing. We usually use a thesis statement in academic writing, research papers, or analysis. It directly asks the main question of the study. A thesis statement can also be an idea of a person. For example, ‘Increasing the exercise time puts a load on the stomach and increases the risk of hernia’. The thesis statement consists of 2 to 3 sentences. The sentences are a summary of the work required. It has a limited part of the subject.

The idea of the study is clear and exact. The tone of the sentences is opinion-based. It gives the readers idea and reflection of what to expect in the study or writing. The thesis statement has various writing logics and aspects. You should keep them in mind while constructing your own statement. If you are a scholar or looking for what is a thesis statement. or how to write the thesis statement of your paper. You will find all the elements here.

Structure Elements Of Thesis Statement

The structure of the thesis statement is different from the other general paragraphs. The 2 to 3 sentences are being divided into the 4 components. Starting with the introduction statement. It shows what we already know about the issue. Theoretical basics of the idea are the main elements of it. This part shows what is the gap and why you need to do this study. Later the implementation part, what you will be doing with the information. The ending part contains the results and analytical basics. It describes the expected outcomes of the study.

It can be in the form of qualitative study data. On this pattern, we can also write the quantitative study data. These elements are common in every type of thesis statement. Academic writing is common in every subject and profession. The criteria for writing and presenting the information are similar. The psychological sense and the mathematical science both use reasoning and identification. The methods, results, and analysis part follow the identification by introduction. The indicators may be different in the different parts of the study.

Language Of Thesis Statement:

Academic writing puts a load doesn’t the use of appropriate language. It is a fact that the language of every subject is different. What we use for bioscience paper cannot be sued for chemistry or mathematical paper. Use the correct words or jargon of the subject. Maintain a professional tone of writing. Address the relevant concepts in the statement. The different types of essays have different languages in them. The language should be clear. Avoid using ambiguous words or statements. Any new concept should not be included in the thesis statement. Try to stick to the issue and the general structure.

All the associator’s aspects are being described in the other parts of the paper or article. The piece of writing should be grammatically correct. The use of improper grammar would put doubt on the authentication of the statement and paper. The official language of the academic papers in English. So, such papers become liable to grammatical errors. The thesis statement used in English literature is more complex. In comparison to the research statement. This is complex, verbal, and uses variable vocabulary. The use of language in non-literature papers is usually easy. It is related to the relative subject.

Type Of Information:

The information in the statement can be universal, local, or basic. It depends upon the type of article. if you are writing a paper of international level. it must have the data supporting the international scenarios. The indicators must be too from the international forum. The method and results should also be from the international aspects. The effect of the study should also be on the international sample. The results of the study should also be evaluated from an international point of view. The local study should be considering the local data. The method and study results should also be on basis of the local indicators.

Reasoning And Logic:

According to a PhD dissertation help firm, the importance of the thesis statement is that it has the power to reason in ask logic. It reflects the essence of the piece of writing. It can use qualitative as well as quantitative tools. These tools help to analyze the research statement. The qualitative thesis statement has quality as the center of logic and reason. It is hard to measure but easy to manipulate. The quantitative tools help to completely analyze the information. It gives the numerical data and its analysis. The results are easy to justify on the basis of these results. The method of evaluation is also quantitative. It also makes a large part of the researches. As such researches are a part of every type of profession.

Placement Of The Thesis Statement:

After writing the thesis statement the place of this statement is also important. It generally follows after the introductory paragraph in an essay. Often students find it difficult to analyze what is the thesis statement. They mix the general introduction with the thesis statement. The whole paragraph is a thesis statement. But it only contains a 2-to-3-line summary.

It details the summary of the research and addresses the question. Students often write paragraphs on it. Some t times they start the essay with a thesis statement. Or sometimes place it before the method part to just give a hint of study. It is important to place the thesis statement in the right place.

The right place of the thesis statement is at the end of the introduction paragraph. It generalizes the study and puts a view of the study. The reader connects it to the background introduction read before. It becomes easy to understand the research for this reason. The academic writing styles of the countries around the globe can be different. For example, the placement of the thesis statement.

In the Chinese essay papers and the American essay papers the placement is different. It makes the essay type deductive and inductive. An inductive essay thesis formulates a theory. It uses the information is provided in the essay. Build the thesis results. The deductive thesis statement uses the question and deduces the previous findings. These types of thesis statements have a different role in research.


Here are some examples that can help you understand nature better.

Example 1:

Electricity prices are increasing because of the fuel shortage. The industries are making high-cost electricity to fulfill the demand. The use of coal-based indigenous resources for electricity production can be applied. It will reduce the costs of electricity production. It will also reduce the effects of high costs of electricity on the community income. The resources of the electricity production can be saved.

Example 2:

Vitamin E deficiency is not being reported as it should be. Its deficiency causes a high risk of toxicity in the body. As the role of Vitamin E is to take out the toxicity. It is also called a natural antioxidant. Undermining its importance is causing problems. Ingesting vitamin E-rich foods can enhance the antioxidant effect in the body. The sources can be from supplements as well. The goal of the consumption of vitamin E is health optimization. It also prevents diseases that cause high toxicity in the body.

Example 3:

International politics is affecting trade relations. The involvement of the economic aspects in politics is bad for growth. No country can excel on its own. It requires trade and other likely resources. The independence of the trade and economic relationship can prevent the inter effect. The amalgam of politics in every area of life should be prevented. Expert’s opinion and experiences can help to obtain the required results. It can shape better economic relations grounds. Discrimination on the basis of foreign politics can be avoided.

Example 4:

Biotechnology as a subject is gaining its strength in the research industry. Its effects are evident in every profession and market. The food market is highly affecting by its effects. Production of biotechnology foods is increasing trend of synthetic foods. Promotion of organic foods should be promoted. It will prevent synthetic food-related issues. The applications of the field are more for clinical medicine.

Example 5:

The students are facing immense issues at the end of education quality. Incorporation of the short-term exams, poor evaluation and multiple course works is affecting quality. The corruption in the financial supports also questions the efficiency of the system. There is a need to make a transparent education system. The implementation of one course will rule out the class system. The administration should look for improvements.


Thesis statement is a very important part of the essay and research. It gives the reader an idea of what to expect. It also helps the researcher to make up his plan and work in action. Thesis statement is a comprehensive statement of the research. It reflects the complete image of the paper or research.