Ways to Grow Your Business Using Text Marketing

Every new generation is shying away from phone calls, making texting (especially Whatsapp and Facebook messenger) a suitable and convenient alternative. This may seem weird, but the frustration of going through automated phone services makes things worse. This is why you can use the following best services to increase and enhance your business when it comes to text marketing.

Convert customer service to text

Not only does texting save time, but the lower response time strengthens customer relationships. The prompt reply promotes your good image boosting your customers’ trust in your brand

Send out offers via text

Since customers opt-in for your text services, they would read your messages of promotions and offers. It could be something as small as a discount code or a chance to get deals before your sale opens for the public.

Promote new products

By using branded SMS, you can share with your audience a new product that has been recently launched. This is your chance to get your SMS list interested in your product and use them to promote it further by sharing their reviews on your website or social media.

Automated text campaigns

You can save plenty of time by creating automated texts and scheduling them to be sent at the exact time that hits the nail on the head. Timing is essential, so double-check the time and watch your revenue shoot up like anything.

Get feedback

Business can use their SMS list to get feedback about their services or products and ask customers to give actionable points. Stats show that engaging with customers after receiving feedback leads to better rapport and trust.

The ways are endless and are limited by insight. You can use these best services or any other that may prop up in your mind and grow your business by creating personalized SMS that gets your narrative across.