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Useful Apps for Content Management

Are you a content manager by profession? Are your customers always looking for you? Porta a “puncture repair kit” with you download on your smartphone the app useful for content management . So stingy at hand the tools necessary to intervene on the fly and on the move, if necessary, and to always have everything under control. 

1) Look for the keywords you need

Surely among the apps useful for those who are content managers there are tools that allow you to identify and choose keywords . There is no need to explain, here, the importance of keywords for those who write content for the web. It is good practice to download some app like BuzzSumo , Keyword Tool App or children’s book illustration services similar (check the rating of the app well before downloading it). Better to download the software app you usually use, in order to set the same profiles for each customer and have everything under control.

2) Monitor performance

You will know and surely already use Google Analytics on desktop . But you may not know that you can also download the corresponding app on your mobile device. Alternatively or in addition, you can make the download of Squarespace Analytics and then set the profiles of sites to be monitored.

3) Make the shots palatable

Download Plotaverse or Canva , or both. They are used to edit and make the photos you take for your customers more attractive before uploading them to the website, blog, social media accompanying the article you wrote. These useful apps will be indispensable if you never find yourself using stock images. For example, if you curate content management or content creation for a creative. It will always be appropriate to have new and attractive photographic material for readers / customers. Canva also allows via smartphone and visual editing absolutely acceptable, especially if you need on-the-fly changes and even if you are inexperienced as a graphic designer.

4) Download a social media management app

The boundary between content manager and social media manager , you know, is very blurred. Thus, for some customers, you may find yourself managing their social pages as well , publishing ad hoc articles or posting articles of third parties or that you wrote for the company blog. To have everything under control, download the apps of all the social networks you manage. But if you do it for more than one company or systematically for a job, don’t hesitate to download the social management platform app you usually use. One above all and perhaps the most famous? Hootsuite . An alternative? Onlypult. So if there should be any inconvenience when you are traveling you can promptly intervene from your smartphone.

5) Monitor the brand via mobile

You probably already use tools to monitor the presence of the online brand you follow as a content manager or as a social media manager . You can download apps to your smartphone that are useful for this purpose, which do not interact with your mobility need and which you can use when you are not physically present in the office or workplace. Try to do the download of Mention or Mentionlytics Brand Monitoring (the most quoted according to the first, ed). These tools are useful for keeping track of the niche you follow and for monitoring what is being said on the web about it. Valuable information to place your brand communication well .

Useful apps for content management? Activate a network

From what comes what , says the adage. If you go to AppleStore or PlayStore and type one of the apps we have mentioned to you for download , the store itself will suggest other useful apps to download below. In a short time, even by making a check-list of tools that you usually use on your desktop , you could have a real “arsenal” even on your smartphone. Not only that: compare yourself with your colleagues: it is important! Creating a network of freelance professionals is a very useful tool exchange of ideas and a source of inspiration. You can’t ignore it! Not only relationships with colleagues will benefit, but also and above all your professional performance.