4 Tips and Tricks to Succeed the Creation of a CV

Are you searching for a job that matches your real skills and experience? The best way of achieving that goal is to make an effective CV. But what is an effective CV? In a nutshell, it is a resume which is both visually attractive and relevant as far as the content is concerned. You will find below 4 tips for creating a successful and attractive curriculum vitae.

The Length of the CV

When you make a cv, you may think it has to be as long as possible to impress the recruiter. That is a bad idea because you may add information that has nothing to do with the vacancy. Plus, recruiters do not have much time to spend on each CV they receive. As a matter of fact, the ideal is to build an impactful CV on one page. However, depending on your professional experience and skills, it may be difficult to adhere to this rule. For experienced profiles, the two-page CV is therefore strongly recommended so as not to overlook important elements of the course. But anyway, never exceed two pages. For your convenience, we recommend to make your CV online.

Which Font to Use on a CV?

Taking the time to choose the typography that you will use in your CV is essential because it can reflect your personality. For example, the “Comics” font is deemed too close to the world of comics and should be avoided at all costs. Calibri, Arial, Verdana, Proxima Nova, etc. are to be preferred because they appeal to recruiters. In terms of the font size, it should not be too small so as not to be illegible, nor too big so as not to be perceived as aggressive.

What is the Importance of the CV Title ?

A title for your resume allows you to clearly indicate to the recruiter the position you are targeting. Obviously, it must be eye-catching and correspond to that of the job offer or position in the company as part of a spontaneous application. Examples of CV titles: Hairdresser with over 20 years of experience, Spa manager with 10 years of experience in a thalassotherapy center. The title can also help you get noticed if the recruiter uses an ATS in their recruitment process.