These 5 Wholesale Hair Clips You should have

I have to say that fashion is a reincarnation, you never know what will be popular next second! Childhood hair clips have been welcomed again. They have undoubtedly become the hottest hairstyles at the moment. From fashion circles, Instagram celebrities to star circles, everyone uses hair clips to find a girlish feel. Wearing a hair clip can also make your overall simple appearance more vivid and interesting. The following content will recommend some good quality and cost-effective wholesale hair clips for you. I hope you like them!

If you are interested, please read on and delve into the colorful world of hair clips.

    1. Classic Pearl Hair Clips

      Luxury Pearl Shell Duckbill HairpinThe pearl itself has an elegant and gentle temperament, which symbolizes the delicateness and roundness of women. The low-key luster of the pearl adds a bit of femininity to women. Although it is low-key, it still has a sense of existence. And the pearl hairpins are accessories that have been brought into the show by countless big names. Every model will look very delicate when wearing pearl hairpins. Not only radiant but also has a sense of luxury. General pearl jewelry will look a bit old-fashioned, but pearl hairpins are beautiful and fashionable. Clamping it gently on your head will look very cute and fashionable. Pearl has its own romantic temperament, which is especially suitable for wearing gentle clothes. For example, chiffon shirts, one-shoulder tops or printed skirts are all good choices.
    2. Fashion Rhinestone Hair Clips

      Fashion Five-pointed Star Diamond HairpinIn 2018, the designer of the large-scale fashion brand Simon Rocha ushered in a fashion trend after replacing the pearls of the hair clip with sparkling rhinestones. Compared with the soft pearl style, the rhinestone hair clip is more rebellious and street style. So this unique design is loved by many women. Just wear the rhinestone hair clip on your head, even mature and sexy women can instantly become little girls. Although the design of this hair clip is already very fashionable, it must maintain a cool and fashionable look to have a girlish look. For example, when you are doing matching, you can wear a simple white dress and put the hair clip on one side of your hair. So that you will look gentle.
    3. Letter Hair Clips with Attitude

      Letter Flower Leaf Bow Hair Clip SetIf you think the previous hair clip is not enough personality, the letter hair clip can definitely satisfy your unwillingness to be mediocre. Letter hairpins are the most "attitude" hair accessories. They can put what you want to say on your head and show it to the world. Even if your outfit today is very ordinary, wearing a letter hair clip can turn it back against the wind. Wear it and you are the coolest woman on the street. Letter hair clips that can show your personality and attitude can be used to match the shape to make your appearance look more distinctive. Even if you are wearing a simple shirt and suit pants for office or business occasions, wearing a letter hair clip will make you look low-key and stylish.
    4. Cute Colored Hair Clips

      Geometric Colorful Rhinestone Hair Clip SetAt first, color hairpins were worn by Kim Hyun A, the popular singer in South Korea, then subsequently attracted countless celebrities and fashionistas to choose, and became a popular item in the fashion circle. Wearing colored hairpins will not only make you look younger and more energetic. And women of any skin color and any style are suitable for wearing. Wearing colorful vintage hairpins can make your appearance look great and become the most unique fashion essence. This seemingly casual trinket changes your temperament in detail. You can wear a set of brightly colored clothes, and then wear colored hairpins to echo the color of the clothes. This combination can make you look sweet and girly.
    5. Premium Metal Hair Clips

      2 Pieces Irregular Wave Graphic Hollow Hair ClipCompared to the high level of rhinestones and pearls, cool girls are more suitable for metal hairpins. The simple metal texture will make you low-key and individual. When choosing a metal hair clip, you can choose a large-area hair clip with a strong sense of design, or you can choose a small and refined hair clip. For example, the baroque-style metal hair clip is a favorite of the show models, not only retro but also very advanced! A balance is struck between simplicity and gorgeousness, who wears it beautifully! When matching, you can wear a black suit jacket, wearing a metal hair clip will bring a good finishing touch to your look.
Cute Pearl Flower Sunflower Dragonfly HairpinA woman is like a flower, her beauty shining brightly. And beautiful things are always easy for women to indulge. Even in the world of fireworks, the passion for beauty is still not hidden. Exquisite hair clips can make women more fashionable and beautiful. What are you waiting for? In addtion, act quickly for your beauty. And come to OOK JEWELRY online store to choose the right wholesale hairpin for yourself! You may like: STYLING IN TRADITIONAL TRIBAL JEWELRY