The Ultimate Shapewear Guide For Every Outfit In Your Closet!

We all want to be fashionable and live our lives in the trendiest manner we can. Be it an ordinary college day or an outing or some special occasion day, we wish to wear the best outfits and want to look as stunning as a fashion model in those outfits.

Now, there are times when we fall in love with an outfit and desperately desire to wear and embrace it but we take a step back just because we are not confident enough. We are conscious of our body and feel like a certain outfit might not go well with our body type.

Have you also experienced this in your life at least once? Wonder if there is any magic wand that will make your perfect body suitable for every outfit? Don’t worry! Even though there is no magic wand for you, there surely is a magic garment that will solve all your problems!


Though most of us are well aware by now that what is shapewear, let’s get a quick explanation for those who don’t know.

A shapewear garment is a type of undergarment designed specifically for shaping or toning up the body of the wearer instantly to suit any particular outfit.

So, shapewear provides you extra support and toning as compared to an ordinary undergarment. And who doesn’t love extra support? Wearing shapewear will not only bring your body to the shape desired by you but it will also end up boosting up your confidence.

Now, a question that arises in the minds of most of us is whether wearing shapewear is suitable only for special occasions or it can be carried every day? The answer is that it can be carried in both ways. It is totally up to you when you want to use it and under what outfit. There are so many styles and types of shapewear available in the market from which you can choose. There is a type of shapewear for every outfit and y body type.

So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at this shapewear guide to know what shapewear will suit which of your outfits!

Ideal shapewear for a casual day!

For most of us, our casual go-to outfit includes a pair of jeans and a casual relaxing top. This outfit is what we can call comfort and style combo.

Jeans and a top not only assist us best on our normal days but are also very friendly for sudden plans. If you and your friends suddenly end up planning a day or a night out and you have nothing else to wear, just add some nice statement jewelry and a pair of heels to jeans and top, and you are done.

Hence, like jeans and tops are such a common and useful outfit for almost every other girl, why not add perfect shapewear to it? Here is the ideal shapewear for your jeans top outfit.

The seamless briefs

It is very obvious that you are going to wear underwear under your jeans. So, why not wear an upgraded better version instead.

Most of us face common problems while wearing jeans or a jegging or a tregging. These issues include visible camel toe shape, a muffin top, hanging belly, visible seams of your undies, and many more. Even though these issues are very common, we end up feeling a bit uncomfortable in the public due to these.

The best way of getting rid of these problems is to wear seamless brief shapewear. Brief shapewear is just like your ordinary undies. The only difference is that they are seamless and go a little bit up as compared to normal underwear. Some go up to cover your entire stomach (till your under the breast line) while others cover up only up to your waist. You can choose between the two styles according to your comfort.

Brief shapewear will provide you a sleek look hiding up your belly fat if any and enhancing your figure in those pairs of jeans.

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Low waist shaping panties for those who just want to shape up the lower belly part and get rid of seams and camel toe.


High waist shaping panties for those who want to shape up the overall torso from under the chest to the waistline.

The waist trainers

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In case you just need to shape up or reduce your waist a few inches instantly, waist trainers are the choice for you.

Waist trainers or waist cinchers fit snugly to your waist starting from right under your bust till waistline. These are perfect if you want to shape up your body to wear a tight fitted top, gown, or dress. It will accentuate your figure by making your waistline look perfectly shaped.

The shape-up camisoles

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Just like other ordinary camisoles, shape up camisoles can also be easily and comfortably worn under any top, shirt, or any other top wear. These provide a perfect base for your upper layer of clothes.

Camisole shapewear will provide support to your bust and shape up your overall upper body.

Ideal shapewear for dresses!

Going to a movie date, get-together, or any other simple occasion, dresses are first on our choice list. But some dresses are designed in a way that flaunts your physique. So, here is the best shapewear that will train your body for such types of dresses.

Bra corsets

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Strapless bra corsets are amazing to shape up your bust and tummy so that you can flaunt your body in a pretty dress when going out. The bra corsets are also called bustiers or longline bras.

Slip shapewear

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If you want to rock the day in your favorite dress and make everyone speechless, then add a shaping slip to your garment list. Slip shapewear provides you support and tone up your body to give a sleek and perfect shape look.

Bodysuit shapewear

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In case, you need shapewear that covers up your entire body from the top to the crotch area, opts for a bodysuit. A bodysuit fits your body perfectly starting from the top of your torso up to your crotch and booty. It shapes up the entire figure giving you a perfectly glamorous look in your dress.

Ideal shapewear for workouts

Working out has become an essential part of our daily routine for most of us. And, it is essential to feel confident and happy enough in your workout outfit so that it boosts up your enthusiasm and energy. Here is the best shapewear to pair up with your gym clothes.

Shapeup leggings

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Leggings and treggings have always been the most preferable gym pants for most of the gym loving girls. They provide you comfort and freedom to move your legs as required.

A shapewear legging will tone up your booty and thighs giving you a smart and trendy look.

Waistbands shapewear

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Waistbands tone your mid-body and enable you to do a better and more effective workout without worrying about your belly. It trains up your core and is perfect to wear while hitting the gym.

Ideal shapewear for skirts

When wearing a skirt, thighs and butt are the two major body parts that are in focus. You want to look as gorgeous as you can in the skirt and that is why here we bring the shapewear options that will help you with this.

Butt shapers

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If you want to lift your booty and flaunt it in those pretty skirts then wear a butt enhancer or a butt shaper under it. A butt shaper not only lifts your booty but also adds the perfect curve to it making it look great.

Thigh shapers

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Thigh shapers are perfect to wear under a skirt. These along with shaping and lifting your booty, tones your thighs making them look flawless under those skirts.

The all-purpose shapewear

In case you feel that it is too much to remember different types of shapewear for every different outfit, here are some common shapewear garments that will assist you under every outfit of your choice.

Corsets and waist trainers- Wear a corset or a waist trainer and you are set to go. You can wear any dress, top, shirt, blouse, gown or suit without wondering about your figure.

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Brief shapers- As we saw above, brief or undie shapewear is the best option if you want to shape your lower belly and crotch, and booty area. After wearing brief shapewear, carrying a pair of jeans, jeggings, trousers, pants, skirts or anything else becomes by far easier and comfortable.

Overalls- Investing in overall body shapewear is a great idea. It will not train or shape any particular part of your body but instead, tone up your entire figure in a flawless manner. Just remember that while buying one, make sure that the fit is perfect and the material is comfortable for your body so that you don’t feel bound.

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