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Styling Of Leather Vests

According to the various definitions that are found in the dictionaries a vest is a top with thin shoulder straps. The apparel industry has been making a number of leather garments that are used by the masses in routine. The very smart and popular part of apparel that is mostly associated with the wrestlers, in particular, is a leather vest. In the past, it was considered to be the attire for men but with the passage of time, the apparel industry designed such decent and trendy looking leather vests for ladies that the use of vests became common for both genders. Mostly the leather vest is used when leather jackets with full-length sleeves seem to be too much coverage and it happens when the winter season is either set in or is about to end.

If you have a look at the celebrities who are seen wearing leather vests you will see that the American wrestler known as Dean Ambrose is a common use of leather vests and a number of his fellow wrestlers also enter the ring wearing their favorite leather vests. The following is a brief introduction of some of the most popular and attractive leather vests that celebrities have liked.

Naruto Vest

One of the most popular Manga series of Japan is called Naruto. It is a tale of a young Nina known as Naruto Uzumaki who is struggling to get recognized by his peers. In the Manga the green flak jackets of Konoha are used, these jackets have the symbol of Uzumaki at the back of the vest which is given as a recognition to a higher rank, the vest is issued when a ninja is promoted to the rank of the genin does not have these vests. In Konoha, there is no compulsion to wear them at all times but there are a number of Konoha Jounin and Special Jounin. The flak jackets are green in color and have neck guards that are fastened with the help of a zipper. The Naruto vest is padded heavily and has a strong and durable steel lining on the shoulder. In real life, the Naruto vests are easier to draw. The latest versions of the flak jackets are much simpler and easy to manufacture. They are not only cheaper but lighter and harder too. These Naruto vests are made for the protection from low-velocity projectiles, like hand grenades, pellets from shotguns, and many more low-velocity objects. The bulletproof jackets cannot be replaced with flak vests as the flak vests are not effective for bullet protection.

The Naruto Vest is a shield vest that is very effective in protecting against the fragments of anti-aircraft explosives and anti-personnel mines and shotgun pellets and a lot of other damaging fragments that come from explosive materials.

Styling Of Leather Vests

The leather vests are mostly worn by the bikers in almost all seasons and weather conditions. The bike racing enthusiasts have to ride their bikes for hours at a stretch in such condition the quality leather vests provide them with the right amount of comfort, warmth, and ease that is needed during this long journey. Some people think that they wear leather vests against the impact of weather but the majority of bikers use leather vests to make individual-style statements of their own. The leather vest is manufactured in a variety of styles and designs. The leather vests come in simple styles that don’t even have pockets, but on the other hand, there are leather vests that have strong heavy zippers, studs, and a number of other embellishment articles that enhance their beauty and style. There are vests with side lacing and inner gun pockets that are lined with quality fabric. The people who like to stand out among the crowd try to style their jackets in several different ways. The men use different emblems and customized patches for their vests. The young teenage bikers use studs and fringes to style their leather vests. The patriotic bikers get their flags printed on the backs of their vests and show their affection for their country.