Stunning Decorative Large Silver Leaf Mirror

Want to see more products like this? This Large Silver Leaf Mirror would render a striking wall mirror for those who love nature-provoked decor and silver home appliances. However, this mirror has a leaf design with a metal frame consisting of an antique silver finish. Browse our full mirrors category for more options.

More Details About Large Silver Leaf Mirror

Surface tipsWall
Type of roomKids Room, Restaurant, Cafe, Bedroom, Living Room, Nursery
Type of installationSelf-Adhesive

A stunning leaf silver wall mirror could integrate modern, vintage, or luxurious interior decor themes. In addition, the excellent wall mirror is for those who like ornate detailing and eclectic style. Basis of a wide selection of mirrors available in a wide collection of colors, sizes, and shapes. 

Features of Large Silver Leaf Mirror

Product Size 

You can decorate your dream home with Mirror Wala Decorative items. Just search and see the products available on the site. In addition, you can also make your home look different, more attractive with 3D decorative silver leaf mirror wall stickers for home decoration; mirror reflective surfaces make your room brighter & more vibrant.

Decorative mirror wall sticker decals are made of plastic.

The front surface consists of a reflection like a mirror & the back consists of self-adhesive tape. Front Mirror Surface also consists of a protective transparent film to protect it from dust & scratches. Please discard the transparent film from the front mirror surface after pasting the product to get a clear reflection.

Suitable Surfaces

Mirror Wala 3D acrylic mirror stickers have a mirror-type reflection. But these are not real mirrors and are only suggested to use for decoration purposes. In addition, you must use decorative wall stickers on clean, dry, and smooth wall surfaces only. However, the surfaces can be of the plastic surface, smooth wallpapers, smooth glass, wooden, smooth ceramic tiles, metal; Latex painted and brush painted walls.

Wide Range of Applications

You can also use this large silver leaf mirror to decorate your walls with 3D acrylic wall stickers for decoration. It is an ideal product to:

  • decorate offices
  • make a great gift too
  • 3D wall stickers for living room, bedroom walls, kids room, drawing room, and refrigerator
  • mirror stickers for walls, doors, and windows
  • acrylic stickers for living room walls, children’s playroom, dining room, kitchen, gymnasiums, home, office, hallway, porch, and many more.

Colors Available 

You can also explore a wide range of home decoration items to beautify your home, like Diwali decoration with Mirror Wala product only. These acrylic mirror wall stickers are also available in different colors like silver wall stickers, golden, red, blue, and black. However, colors may vary by monitor kind and background. It is a perfect mirror for a family lounge, bedroom, cafe and restaurant, kids room, nursery room, etc.

How to use it?

This Large Silver Leaf Mirror would make a noticeable, conspicuous wall mirror for those who adore this beautiful mother nature complexion and get inspired by decorative items like these silver home accessories. This mirror consists of a leaf design along with a metal mounting framework consisting of numerous leaves with an extraordinary museum piece silver finish.

In addition, an excellent garnishing wall mirror for above a dresser table, console table, or bathroom vanity. However, stunning large leaf silver wall mirrors could blend into modern, vintage, extravagant, or luxurious interior decor themes.

  • First of all, you need to pull the white tape off on the back.
  • Then you have to paste the mirror stickers on the smooth and dust-free wall.
  • After pasting the mirror stickers, you have to remove the positive protective film. You will love the clear image that you will get.

Why should you buy a large leaf silver mirror?

Silver mirrors are a reflector of an object’s pure colors because they reflect all intuition of light. In today’s world, most people use silver mirrors. Like the mirrors used in washrooms, cars, bikes are all rear mirrors that also give rear images.

One must decorate their homes for this rare and beautiful image which also helps positive energy to come in and fill people with optimism. 

We should also keep silver mirrors in our house because the implementation of silver is ideal for spyglass mirrors and other testing optics implementation. It is just because of the initial front-surface reflectivity in the visible spectrum. And finally, it oxidizes faster and absorbs atmospheric sulfur in itself to create a dark, low-reflectivity corrode.

You can also keep any items at your home to make them more and more appreciable. A person buys a silver mirror for him just for the clearance. Nowadays, everyone has a silver mirror on their bike or scooter cars to ensure that any incident should not occur, so people use it.

However, to enhance the beauty of your house, we suggest you this Large silver leaf mirror. Furthermore, the surface that you want of your silver glass must be as glossy and as -possible -as shiny as glass.