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“SMOG” Is In The Air!

Well, you get the hint, now stop laughing. Yes, as the winters are here knocking on our doors, and we have welcomed December, which has come with the blink of the eyes, it could have waited a little longer, but it didn’t, and now, here we are with smoggy and chilly air around us.

As the winter season says “hey” to us, it is going to be a once in a while thing to see the sun brightening up in the sky. Mostly it could be the weather, but the people living in North India know what the real reason is.

The air condition in the north side is becoming poor with every passing year, and with that, the risk of inhaling smoke and smog is increasing without any doubt. Causing skin damage, irritation, rashes, burning eyes, and some other issues.

It is the second week of December, and the sun is still not effective enough to reduce the smoggy mornings. If the weather continues to be the same, the facialist Debbie Thomas says, “The cold is drying and the wind inside causes a more pronounced vascular reaction, resulting in flares ups of inflammatory conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.”

To keep yourself safe from this smoggy air around you, the following is a list of precautions that is useful.

  • Deep Cleaning: If you are an out-going person, dust & pollution attacks you every day, and that’s why the first step in preventing your skin from smog damage or air pollution is to clean it twice a day. Keeping your facial skin clean will protect your skin from sensitiveness, rashes, and itchiness.

Once you washed your face with a face wash that is helpful in removing dust, or in place of a face wash, what would be the next better fit is a face scrub for removing dust. Gently massage your skin and focus mainly on the nose, forehead, and chin.

  • Moisturizing: After deeply cleaning your skin, do not forget to moisturize it, especially if you have dry skin. Because oily skin after a certain time will be able to keep the dust settled down on the face, but the dry skin will let the dust enter the pores. It does not matter what your skin type is, after one time the dust will start damaging your skin, and precaution is better than cure.
  • Face Pack: Applying a face pack is not an everyday task, but once or twice a week it can be easily applicable. Let the face pack settle on your facial skin for 15 minutes, it will be enough for giving the final touch of fresh skin. Using homemade face packs would be helpful for those who have sensitive skin, the enriched nutrients will fight the skin problems or  Buy Natural Face Packs Online.

As the part of taking care of facial skin by-products has been discussed, let’s roll to the diet and hydrated part.

  • Hydration: Generally, it is shared or heard that keeping the body hydrated in summer seasons helps to keep going along the day, but in this season of smog when this polluted air harms the body in and out, having eight to 11 cups of water in a day will prevent from damage, as well as, the hydration will make the skin look fresh.  
  • Healthy Diet: Winter brings in many green vegetables with it, and to keep the digestive system healthy to fight the smog and air pollution, going for healthy veggies, and fruits would be a great pick rather than junk food or street food. As it will provide the correct amount of nutrition to the body that is essential for fighting this harmful environment.

Moving forward in the list of taking care of yourself from this harmful smog and air pollution, it’s time for filtered prevention.

  • Before stepping out of the house, think about the amount of damage the air will to the hair, so keep them covered.
  • Hopefully, yet unfortunately, you don’t wish to breathe the harmful air, so try to wear a mask every time you leave the house.
  • It does not need to be mentioned to wear full sleeves as it is winter already, but even for a small visit outside, keep your body covered completely.
  • Also, to prevent eyes from harm, wear sunglasses or clear glasses.

As the days of smog and harmful air are unfortunately going to continue in the following days, the best ingredient that is used to remove the dust from the facial skin is Charcoal, and the best ingredient to intake is Vitamins.

If you can’t skip going out, for the betterment of your health, you can use and follow a healthy skin and body care routine. 

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