SEO off Page Positioning, Strategies to Improve It

We talked about how to optimize your website from within to improve its position in search engines, that is, we talked about SEO on-page. In this post on web positioning, we will focus on its direct companion, off page SEO.
The SEO off-page positioning consists of all those strategies that can be implemented outside of your website to position it. With on-page SEO we optimize elements such as titles, keywords, or images. In this other type of SEO, we will see what we can do outside of our website to see it in the first position of Google.

SEO off page is link building

One of the main off-page SEO strategies, if not the most important, is to create a network of links to your website. First, as we saw in on-page SEO, we have to establish internal links within our page to facilitate navigation. Once this is done, we can focus on finding inbound links to our website.
There are two types of links, natural links, and artificial links. Natural links, also said organic, are those that are generated naturally when another page links to yours on its own initiative.

They are hard to come by, but they are the most beneficial and will give you organic rankings in search engines.

According to Animation Video, artificial links are those who seek us with different strategies. To achieve them, we must look for pages related to ours that have authority and publish valuable content, and ensure that these pages include a link to ours. That an authority page linking to ours will also give us authority. It is not an easy task, but there are strategies to do it.

We can do a link exchange by contacting the web administrator. Both parties must agree on the benefit that linking each other will bring you, and if you reach an agreement, this type of link will be very useful. Authority pages are where we all want to be, and to achieve this you must do constant work with your content.

The content of your website must be of value and quality so that other pages in your sector are interested in you and want to link to you. Once this is achieved, little by little it will be easier for others to point towards you. But we insist that it is a thorough job and patience.
Another way to generate links that lead to yours on other pages is online directories. There are many free where you can register your website by theme even. Registering in directories is a good way to get off-page links, but precisely because there are so many, the quality of the link is not as good as those of authority pages.

Another strategy we can follow to get other pages to link to ours is by leaving comments on blogs and forums in our sector with an anchor text. You can use keywords to position them. This will create links with other websites that can be beneficial for both parties and will generate a network of contacts that you can take advantage of in the future.

A blog to improve SEO off page

As we have commented, the content of your page has to be original content and of value so that it generates interest in other websites. Within content marketing, creating a blog is essential to fill it with content that is useful to users. To get web traffic and for your visitors to be interested in your content, you must keep it updated, in this way you will attract more visits. In addition, as your blog grows you will also gain authority, and thus little by little other pages will come looking for you.
Regarding the blog, another strategy to expand the network backlinks is guest blogging. Guest blogging consists of participating as a guest in a foreign blog, related to your sector. With an interesting article in another blog, you can generate enough interest to attract visitors to your page and thus increase web traffic.

Social networks also intervene

We all know the power of attraction of social networks. That is why it is interesting to benefit from it to publicize your content. To be present in the day-to-day life of your followers, you have to create an online community that is loyal and interested in your business. From here, spreading your content will be easier.

If your community sees that there is someone behind the web generating conversation between you, you will give confidence to your target audience, and this will be positive when it comes to promoting yourself and others linking with you.

The SEO off-page is a work of ant that gives measurable results soon if a well thought out strategy is followed. And if you add to this the SEO on-page, the positioning of your page will climb positions day by day.