Quickly handle: Make your logo in minutes with DesignEvo

Suppose you are not a design genius, not good at Adobe Illustrator, PS, the best way to find the fastest and most concise approaches, using online tools to help us solve logo design needs in a short time. This post wants to recommend the following online tool, which allows everyone to make an adorable logo, so you don’t need to spend too much time to learn to make it with complicated software PS and AI. The point is free so that everyone can easily make unique logos for your projects.

Overview of DesignEvo

DesignEvo allows you to boost your business with the perfect logo design. You can complete a logo in as little as two minutes or save it with professional custom logo designs. This user-friendly template-based logo creation tool incorporates cutting-edge technologies and an easy-to-use design interface to understand the customer’s needs to create a logo that encapsulates the brand’s essence well. 

How to make your logos with DesignEvo

The first step: click on the middle button of the homepage to start your design. If you are a new user of DesignEvo, then you can register your account. You can sign up with a Facebook account, Google account or email address.

The second step: Well, you are in the logo te According to your own ideas, you can find the style you want, first as a basis for the logo layout. 

There are four tools on the left-hand side that can be added or modified, namely, Icon, Text, Shape and Background.

1. In addition to the icons you have, you can add other patterns, such as your industry-related icons.

2. Change the color of the font itself and the adjustments on the font.

3. The difference between the added icon and shape is that it is more of another decorative pattern next to it.

4. This comparison belongs to changing the entire picture’s background color, and other colors can also be used to click on the text. The most memorable thing is that the control of the gradient color is particularly good.

The third step, the preview application, is displayed on DM, resume, and one for reference.

Save when you remember to avoid the file disappearing, and then download it when you are done.

For some other editors, the main point below is to control the bottom surface, how large the pixels, how much size is important, and the position between the icons and texts can be adjusted.

Finally, when you need to click download, you need to help share it on the social software, as it is free to use, so it is excellent to provide services to everyone for free.

After downloading and sharing, you can download it for it with quite low-resolution files. If you want to get higher resolution logo files, you can pay a small fee them.


It is really easy to design your logo with DesignEvo. Also, it is a great choice if you want to make a logo for your brand, website or social media profiles.