Promoting Your Website Using Google Images

If you are interested in attracting a large number of people to your site then a very good way of doing this is optimization of images. It has been found that when performing search engine optimization, the professionals overlook image optimization. A lot of SEO experts consider image optimization as overkill. But the reality is that for building brand-awareness and giving tough competition you can use this method. Now I am going to tell you about various ways of promoting your website using Google images.

1. Optimize images for Google – Optimization of images is necessary so as to generate more traffic. It is just like the optimization of the web pages. Just like the websites rank on SERPs, the same is for pictures. For optimizing the pictures, you need to do the following things:

  • Editing the file names – The contents need to be reflected in the file names. So, if the file name is not according to that then renaming it will be a good idea.
  • Modifying the alt tags of images – The information about images is given to search engines by alt tags. It can be whammy to edit alt tags. You do this for better ranking of your images and better indexing of search engines. The users that are visually impaired get a lot of help from alt tags.
  • Compressing the images – Usually a lot of storage space is taken by the larger images. So, it becomes necessary to compress these. If in the process of minimizing these you want to retain the quality of pictures then you can use and tools.

2. Create unique images for yourself – Stock photography is not good. If you are interested in reflecting your brand personality then stock photos can’t do it properly. Instead using original pictures will be a good idea. Nobody will consider your website as an original source if you are using stock images. This shows that instead of linking to your site the linking can be done to the stock photos by the people. For this reason, instead of using stock photos the original pictures are used by a large number of people. There are more chances of selection of your photos if they are visually appealing, high quality and original. It is important to know that on SERPs your site will be the first one on which the photos of these kinds will appear.

3. Get relevant image keywords – There is always a focus keyword for pictures just as the written content has. The alt tag and file name also contain this. It is important to know about LSI keywords. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. There is a close relation between the focus keywords and LSI keywords. For instance, if “Delhi car service” is your focus keyword then “Delhi car repair and overhauling” will be your LSI keyword. Usually, a more variety is provided to the keyword strategy with the use of LSI keywords. The pictures can also have the LSI keywords. There is a possibility of different image results with two similar keywords. The audience that is completely new can get the LSI keywords.

4. Always use relevant images – Use pictures that are relevant to the topic. Sometimes your website has a number of pictures that have nothing to do with it. In spite of all this there is a possibility of getting a large number of visits because of these pictures. But when people find nothing related to the pictures then they bounce back. To avoid this, it is necessary that the pictures are related to the topic. Using infographics will be a good idea as it has the capability to attract a large number of visitors.

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