Printed Circuit Board Assembly Manufacturing Process: DIY

This article talks about printed circuit board assembly manufacturing process. Further, it talks about how to DIY PCB manufacturing.

PCB or otherwise called printed circuit board is a mechanical assembly which involves layers of fiberglass sheet laminated having etched patterns of copper. The benefit with printed circuit board is that you could think about making it at home. Let’s discuss printed circuit board assembly manufacturing process.

To carry out this you require: table made of wood, clad board of copper, drill, glossy photograph paper, sharp pen, electric iron, ruler, pencil, and more things.

As soon as you get these things you must utilize a laser printer & an A4 sized photo paper to have a print out of your printed circuit board. While carrying out this you must bear in view to take the mirror print out. You must also bear in mind to turn off the advanced & best printer settings.

You must then cut the layout together with the boarders & place it over the clad board of copper. You must then utilize a ruler & pencil to sketch the boarders.

As soon as carrying out this you must rub-down the copper side of the board making use of scotch brite so as to make sure that printed circuit board is free from grease or oil. As soon as you have cleaned it you have to be cautious and make sure that you do not handle the copper surface with your fingers.

Once performing this you must place some nail polish remover over a tissue paper & then softly use the tissue paper over the side of the board. Afterwards, you must be cautious and abstain yourself from touching the board surface with your hand.

You must then move the printed image from the photo paper to the board & place the copper board surface over the printed layout. To be over the secure side you must make sure that the board is aligned rightly alongside the borders of the printed layout.

To hold the board as well as the printed layout in line, you must rip 1 or 2 tiny pieces of cello tape & place them alongside the 2 sides of the board. You must be careful while performing this & make sure that you put the cello tape over the non-copper side.

The next thing which you must carry out is to heat up the electric iron to the max temp & iron the photograph paper for nearly 5 mins. You must be cautious while ironing so as to neglect damaging the photo paper. To neglect damage you must utilize the tip of the iron to iron.

Once you are carried out with the ironing you must place some normal water in to the plastic bottle & submerge the board into it so as to cool down the board. You must then take away the paper from the printed circuit board utilizing a tooth brush.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Manufacturing Process

This thing may seem difficult for many and secondly this process is not pragmatic because this is not for large scale production. You could use the internet to get a reliable company for printed circuit board assembly manufacturing process. You can also take help from your friends and relatives that have utilized similar services lately.

Printed circuit board assembly manufacturing process calls for a lot of things to consider A fine company can get your business requirements done within stipulated time. When you are surfing the internet for the same and thinking to zero down your search on anyone; you have to make sure that the manufacturer has a good reputation. You can check the reputation of the manufacturer by going through the experience of the manufacturer’s clients on any review website.