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Important Measures You Should Take to Prevent Your Car from Getting Stolen

It is important to take appropriate anti-theft measures to protect your car. There are various anti-theft measures, so some people may not know what to do.

So, in this article, I’ll show you some ways you can do it as an anti-theft measure. We will also explain what to do if your car is stolen, so let’s check it out. If you know the anti-theft measures in advance, you can understand how to protect your precious car from theft.

Car anti-theft goods and services

Car Anti-Theft Goods and Services

There are various goods to prevent theft of a car and services to look for when stolen. Some of them are installed as standard equipment in cars, so we recommend that you actively use them.

Here are eight goods and services that will help you prevent your car from being stolen, so let’s refer to them in advance. Please use the appropriate one according to the vehicle type and situation, and take effective anti-theft measures.

In recent years, it may be standard equipment! Immobilizer

Car Immobilizer

The immobilizer is a security system that matches the vehicle’s ID with the ID of the key and starts the engine only when they match. If the duplicate key does not match the ID, the engine will not start, so it cannot be taken away by itself.

To break through the immobilizer, it is necessary to duplicate the key for each ID or reset the ID on the vehicle side, which can have higher security performance than general keys. Some cars come standard with an immobilizer, so it’s a good idea to check it when you buy a car.

Let’s install it around the car! Sensor light

Since thieves tend to hate to stand out, using sensor lights is also a useful option. It can be said that it is an easy anti-theft method because it only installs a light with a motion sensor around the car.

It is an anti-theft measure installed easily if the installation location and power supply are secured. Sensor lights are not a means of preventing car theft itself, so we recommend that you use other methods as well.

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Be careful how to choose! Handle lock

The steering wheel lock also called the steering lock, prevents theft by preventing the steering wheel from turning. Some cars are equipped to prevent theft, but goods for physically locking are also on sale.

By not turning the steering wheel, you can prevent the self-propelled method of taking it away, but you need to be careful about the method of breaking the steering wheel lock and releasing it. If you do not install it properly, it may come off easily, so be careful.

Take the trouble of putting on and taking off! Tire lock

Since the tire lock is a special lock attached to the wheel, it can be attached with a feeling similar to the wire lock of a bicycle.

If you take a car with a tire lock, you must unlock it or load it into a tow truck. Thieves don’t like taking time, so it’s a good way to go.

The disadvantage is that you have to put on and take off the tire lock every time you use it. Be careful not to remove it and drive the car as it will damage the wheels.

Recommended for rare cars! Car cover

If you are in an old or rare car, it is easy to be stolen because of its rarity. In this case, making it difficult to identify the vehicle type will reduce the probability of being stolen.

It is recommended to put a car cover on to make it difficult to identify the car model. It is easy to use because it only covers the entire vehicle with a cover.

The car cover does not have the effect of preventing theft itself. It is intended to make it less likely to be a theft target. Therefore, it is best to use it in combination with other anti-theft measures.

Notify the abnormality with sound or light! Car security

Car security is a security system that threatens to issue a warning with sound or light when it detects an impact caused by breaking a door or breaking glass. The thief dislikes being known to the surroundings with loud noise and light to be one of the effective countermeasures.

Since it reacts to prying doors and breaking glass, it will be useful not only as a measure against theft of the car itself but also as a measure against vandalism in the car. When installing car security that detects vibration, it is important to select one with high accuracy and is unlikely to be falsely detected.

Is it the easiest? !! Tracking app

What is a tracking app (GPS tracker)? You can identify the current position by installing a GPS transmitter on your car and installing the tracking app on your smartphone. Even if the car is stolen, it is an advantage that it is easy to recover it by knowing the current position.

GPS transmitters in cars are often battery-powered, so care must be taken not to run out of battery. You may have to pay a monthly fee such as a communication fee to get location information in real-time, so check the running cost before installing.

Is it sure even if it is expensive? !! Vehicle tracking service

Security companies, etc., provide the vehicle tracking service, and if the car is stolen, a staff member will rush to the scene. Since it may come with a service that informs you of location information, it can be said that it is a safe and reliable anti-theft measure.

The disadvantage is that it costs a lot because you need to contract with a security company to use the vehicle tracking service. It is suitable for those who want to take thorough measures against theft even if it costs money, such as when riding a rare car or a luxury car.

However, there are some great Vehicle Tracking Services providing companies that give great services in a reasonable price range. You might have to do some research in your area to find a Vehicle Tracking Company that provide good services in reasonable price.

For example in Pakistan, Alpha Track (Pvt.) Ltd. is providing excellent vehicle tracking services with a good European Device (Teltonika FMB-920) at a very reasonable price.

Therefore, If you are from Pakistan, then they are the best option for you. You can check their prices from here.

Immediate car anti-theft measures

There are many ways to prevent car theft, and combining multiple methods will make your security even stronger. As the Defence Ministry of Pakistan said that security cannot be made 100%; however, there are measures that you can take to add layers of security. All these layers will combine and add more security.

From here, I will introduce the car theft measures that I want to take immediately. To know how to take measures against theft, it is important to understand the thief’s method.

Parking lot in a bright place

Thieves don’t like prominent places, so it’s a good idea to keep your car in as bright a place as possible. If you park your car outside, choose a parking lot that is as bright as possible. Plus, parking lots in busy areas are more noticeable, making them less likely to be targeted by thieves. Find a parking lot that is as bright and crowded as possible.

Know the theft method

Car Thief

Many methods are used to steal a car, such as an immobilizer cutter and a relay attack.

Since the immobilizer cutter resets the ID registered in the car, it is an effective countermeasure to introduce an immobilizer that has been fixed. Since the relay attack amplifies and transmits the radio waves emitted from the key, storing the key in a metal container blocks the radio waves.

In this way, knowing the theft method will reveal effective countermeasures. If you’re not sure what you can do to prevent your car from being stolen, check out the most common tricks.

What happens to a stolen car?

In such a case, you may be wondering how the stolen car is treated. Here are two common ways to distribute stolen cars. It’s not directly useful for anti-theft knowledge, but it can help you find out about thieves.

Sold overseas

One method is to dismantle the stolen vehicle and export it. When exporting a car, the customs office will check the chassis number to confirm that it is not a stolen car before issuing an export permit.

If you export the finished car as it is, it will be caught at the collation time, so in most cases, you will disassemble each part and export it. Illegal exports will be reassembled and sold after an import permit is issued in the destination country. Once exported, it is almost impossible to track, and it will be difficult to recover.

Separated into parts

The stolen vehicle is not only exported overseas but may also be disassembled, parts are taken out, and sold domestically. If you disassemble each part, you can’t tell if it was a stolen car part, so it’s almost impossible to find it.

There is a possibility that the car body after dismantling has been dumped, but it makes little sense to recover it because it cannot run in this state. In some cases, there is a way to attach the chassis number of the car you own to the stolen car as it is.

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And If your Car gets Stolen

If your car is stolen, it’s easy to think about getting it back first, but there are a few steps you need to take first. Here are four things you need to do if your car is stolen, so let’s take a look.

Report the theft to your nearest Police Station

If your car is stolen, submit a damage report to the police station with jurisdiction over the area where the theft occurred. Submitting a damage report will help you find your car and prevent you from becoming a suspect when a stolen car is used for a crime.

Since you will need the license plate number (registration number) and chassis number when submitting a damage report, it is recommended that you keep a copy of the automobile inspection certificate.

Since you will likely need your receipt number when claiming vehicle insurance claims, you will need to obtain your receipt number when you submit the damage report. Depending on the police station, you may have to contact the Criminal Division later, so don’t forget to contact us if necessary.

Perform temporary deletion of registration

You should perform “temporary deletion registration” to make the stolen car unusable on public roads and prevent automobile tax from the levy. The following documents are required for temporary deletion registration.

  • ・ Automobile inspection certificate
  • ・ License plate (vehicle registration number plate)
  • ・ Registered seal
  • ・ Seal registration certificate

If you lost your car inspection certificate or license plate when you were stolen, fill out the reason form at the transportation branch office. In this case, bring your seal registration certificate, registered seal, and damage report receipt number to the transportation branch office.

If you register for temporary deletion, the vehicle inspection will expire. If you find a stolen car and recover it, you must register again and undergo a vehicle inspection before driving on public roads.

Contact the insurance company

If you have vehicle insurance that can handle theft, you will be paid the insurance if you follow the procedure. There may be a fixed period for you to claim your insurance, so contact your insurance company early. If you don’t know if your insurance will be paid or don’t know how to claim it, it’s a good idea to contact your insurance company.

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File a complaint with the prefectural tax office

When the temporary cancellation registration procedure is completed, the prefectural tax office will be notified, and you will be able to receive a refund of the automobile tax (type discount). Unless you re-register, you will not be subject to automobile tax from the following year onwards.

When the transportation branch office sends the temporary cancellation information to the prefectural tax office, you will receive a refund notice, so please follow the procedure according to the contents.

If for some reason, you want to reduce the automobile tax (classification) without registering for temporary cancellation, you need to file a petition with the prefectural tax office. If the police accept the damage report and the car is not found for more than a month, the automobile tax (type discount) will be reduced. If you want to use this system, submit an accident vehicle petition to the prefectural tax office, and perform the necessary procedures.

There is no refund for light vehicles. For light vehicles, consult with the relevant government office, not the prefectural tax office.

If you don’t know how to proceed, go to Nextage!

If your car is stolen, you will have to go through various procedures such as submitting a damage report and registering for temporary deletion. These procedures are infrequent, and you may be wondering how to do them.

Nextage accepts various consultations regarding cars. We also explain how to register for temporary deletion, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


It is important to take anti-theft measures to prevent the car from being stolen. This is especially important if you are in a rare or luxury car.

Even if you take measures against theft, your car may be stolen. In such a case, the necessary procedures must be carried out promptly. It is important to act as soon as possible to increase the chances of finding a car.

If you don’t know the necessary procedures or are looking for a new car due to theft, please contact Nextage. Next offers a wide range of car consultations to help you answer any questions you may have. We have a large inventory of used cars, so it is a must-see for those who want to buy a new car.