5 Activities to Positive Classroom Culture During Online Learning

A positive culture during online learning classes is proved as a bridge between the learners and a successful community. In online education classes students are given some assignment tasks by their tutors.

Many students complete their assignments with the help of learning websites or by buying assignments of different subjects by other students.

Though online classes are very much different from the normal school classes. To create an optimistic and disciplined classroom culture, students and teachers both should collaborate equally in the online class to make a decent, positive and professional learning environment.

Some Activities to Positive Classroom Culture are given below to be equally followed by every participant of the online classroom.

1. Encourage students to share their vision about the topic :-

In online learning classes, train your students to ask questions about the course. Never ask them “any questions or comments?” try using different sober techniques to ask questions from students like “what questions you have in your mind? do let me know I will answer them to help you understand things in better ways”. This will leave a positive impact on your classroom.

2. Teach your students Good manners.

In online classrooms students should not only interact with the teachers but also other students present in the classroom. But avoid to waste your time. It will be a good idea to help each other in making assignments. Good manners are basically the main part of human character. Even the simple small things like thanks giving statements, calling someone in a respectful way, Avoiding aggressive behavior etc. all these things play an important role in life .

3. Teamwork and Celebrations on good achievements:-

Encourage students to help each other in making assignments. This will enhance their ability to understand and learn things from different views. Because they will start working together. they will be able to know each other’s views about different assignments. And after the great hard work of all the students there must be a decent celebration on achieving their goals.This will encourage them to work more efficiently in future.

4. Career counselling and parents involvement :-

There must be a proper career counselling staff for the students, to better understand the interest and mindset of the students. Because every student has different interests and hobbies. In this way students will be able to know more clearly about their interests. Parent’s point of view is also very important to choose the best career for their child. As they better understand the interest of their children in comparison to other people.

5. Assigning practical tasks :-

Practical tasks are more important than writing assignments because in practical tasks students will be able to learn the basic purpose and skills of the lesson. Big disadvantage of writing assignments tasks is that many students buy assignments from online sites in this way the actual purpose of their learning from assignments stays incomplete. So, practicing tasks leaves a very positive impact on online classroom culture.