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Killing Guidelines on Logo Designing for Beginners

To set up a company or your own online shop, you need the original logo as well as the products and services. That’s where the free online logo maker comes in handy.

A logo maker is a tool that makes it easy for people who have no skills or experience as graphic designers to create a logo online. 

In addition to explaining the basics of logo creation, this article will also introduce recommended free logo makers.

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol that a company or shop creates to establish a social identity. There are various styles, such as simple fonts, combinations of fonts and simple figures, and illustration-like designs that iconify products the company handles.

Whether to ask a graphic designer or create it individually

In the past, graphic designers often deal with logo designs, but online logo creation tools that individuals can create have significantly lowered the hurdle in recent years. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of asking a designer and making your own.

Advantages and disadvantages of asking a graphic designer

Even though it’s easier to create a logo, there are benefits to having a professional designer.

Advantages and disadvantages of hiring a graphic designer

Even though it’s easier to create a logo, there are benefits to having a professional designer.


  • The design quality is guaranteed.
  • By leaving the design to you, you can concentrate on other tasks


  • Outsourcing costs
  • There is a risk that the logo design will not be what you imagine

Advantages and disadvantages of personal production

Advantages and disadvantages of self-made logo making.


You can create it at no cost by using free tools

With the high degree of freedom, easy to create the design you want

You can make any edit as you like after completion


You will need to spend time creating high-quality designs

How to make a good-looking logo that even beginners can do

For those who want to create a logo individually using free logo makers and design software, this post will explain the basic procedure of creation.

First, let’s clarify a few points before moving on to working with computers.

Understand the target audience and industry

The logo is a symbol of the products and services offered by the company or shop. Ideally, the design should allow you to immediately understand what kind of service or product it is without explaining it. For that purpose, consider the following factors and develop ideas such as logo color and design.

  • industry
  • Gender/age of target group
  • trend
  • Decide the type and size of the logo

After considering the above factors and coming up with a logo idea, let’s design both the logotype and the logo mark. A design that includes both fonts and graphics is refined.

Look at popular brands in the industry, shop logos, and websites, and find out if they have something in common. At first, creative design is born by trying to develop interesting ideas rather than making a finished product.

Regarding the size, let’s clarify the purpose of use. If you use the logo only on the Internet, you may only need the image for the website or social media profile.

Most colors have a positive meaning and a negative meaning. Red can be interpreted as passionate, but it is also the color used to call attention. Blue is an excellent color that gives you a sense of trust, but it can also be interpreted as melancholy.

The characters may feel thicker and harder to read when using the bold font as the logo size decreases. Let’s assume the size to be used in advance and check the readability of each size.

It’s easy even for beginners. 3 free logo makers

Logos can be created with graphics software such as Illustrator and Photoshop, but skill and experience are required to master these tools. In recent years, convenient cloud tools that can be used on the browser have become popular, making it easier for even beginners to create logos. 

Here are three recommend free logo makers recommend.


DesignEvo is a web-based logo maker that allows you to create your own logo easily. Moreover, it can be used for free with over 10,000 idea-rich professional quality logo design templates. Best of best, DesignEvo is reasonably organized and easy to find a design that seems to fit your purpose. For example, if you are writing a mobile blog, you can search for it from mobile logo templates.


Canva is a cloud graphics tool that allows you to create graphics for your browser banners, social networks, blogs, and websites. Even with a free account, many templates, illustrations, and icons are available, and you can also create a logo. Anyone who creates graphics for the net will find it worthwhile to create an account.


Hratchful is a free logo design tool provided by Shopify, an e-commerce platform. With hundreds of industry templates available, even those who aren’t confident in their design can easily create a logo in minutes.