Inbound Marketing: The Benefits For The Legal And Legal Sector

Within the world of online marketing there are several strategies that can be used to be successful in your sector. This is the case of  Inbound Marketing : a type of marketing that encompasses different actions to attract the customer in a way based on offering value.

But not all of us do online marketing. Today  offline marketing is  still in force and added to the current competition, some sectors need to be renewed to be able to reach their ideal customer and be successful. This is the case in  the legal and legal sector .

How   can Inbound Marketing help this sector? If you have a law firm, you plan to open animation maker one or you already work for one; Next, we are going to see how Inbound marketing can become your best option to increase your client portfolio.

Analyzing the present: The current strategy of the legal sector

Traditionally, lawyers have chosen to obtain clients through offline marketing. Actions such as networking at events or contact cards are some of the options to promote yourself outside the internet.

And it’s not that this strategy is wrong. In addition, the relationships that are generated in a personal way, and the recommendations that others may make about your work; add potential customers until their  loyalty . But this is a process that takes time, in addition to the fact that the actions you take depend 100% on you. 

Nowadays,  digital marketing  can grow your horizons and multiply your resources, not only so that you have more clients but also so that you can reach those you want effectively.

Why will Inbound Marketing be your ideal ally?  Because you will reduce costs, increase your exposure and you will reach those clients who are looking for the solution that you offer specifically. 

What aspects to take into account to generate an Inbound Marketing strategy

Prior to the benefits of applying Inbound Marketing to your company, there are a number of aspects that you should consider to develop your plan.

Because this is not about launching just because and without a plan, you must generate a strategy to be successful in the objectives set. (If you are a lawyer, you know that there is always a plan to execute.)

For this strategy to be possible, you must follow these steps: 

Definition of the ideal customer

What type of customer do you want to attract to your business? Or rather,  what type of client would you like to work with?  This aspect is closely linked to being clear about the solution you offer.

To define what your ideal client (also known as buyer persona) will be, you must respond to: their personal history, objectives, motivations, challenges; taking into account real data on their behavior and demographic characteristics. 

With all this you will generate a description of your  buyer persona . For example:  “Jordi, 30 years old. You work as a software developer in a company… ”  Completing with as much data as possible will make your buyer persona more specific.

Content marketing

To attract your buyer persona, content is king. It is about generating  content  that may be of interest to your ideal client, based on the solution you offer. 

You can inform them about legal aspects that they are unaware of, make them aware of their rights, etc. The person obtains the benefit of being informed correctly, thus increasing the contact opportunities and / or becoming a lead and subsequent customer.

You can create these contents in various formats such as:  video , a blog entry  , social media writing, a  newsletter  to your database, etc.

Set clear and measurable goals

A strategy with  clear objectives is one that is destined for success. Of course, there are always questions that arise in the middle of the execution, but to be as prepared as possible in the event of eventualities, it is best to state your objectives in advance.

For these objectives to be clear and measurable they have to be concrete and specific. For example: “generate 20 queries every week”.

Customer loyalty

In this stage you will work on their  loyalty  . What better for a business than when your client returns or recommends you? 

Loyalty is also about converting the lead (potential customer) who has made a query through one of your communication channels or who has entered your email list into a customer. 

Trust and clear communication of your solution will be the two keys to converting and above all, building loyalty. 

Sales funnel

From the acquisition of the lead to transforming it into a customer. That’s what the  sales funnel is all about !

You need to build the necessary steps to achieve this: the broadest part of your funnel will be the leads, then they will go through a series of “filters” where the funnel shrinks until it becomes a client of your law firm.

What you should be clear about in these steps is how each one will be done. For example: acquiring the lead by subscribing to the newsletter in exchange for a ” lead magnet ” (it can be a guide on the issue you are solving). Then you send that lead emails with valuable content and offer them a solution (sale). 

In the next step, a number of those leads will contact you (email, video call, phone call). They will talk about the solution or solutions that you have available and you will evaluate if their case can be treated. Some of those who contacted you will become clients, since your solution satisfies them and they have reached a mutual agreement. 

Benefits of applying Inbound Marketing to the legal and legal sector

Through  Inbound Marketing  you can get closer to your ideal client and achieve results with many benefits for you, your business and your clients. 

Contents that attract

Remember that you have a plus: it is a sector that still lacks growth in digital, so you have a field available to build your own empire and stand out above the competition.

Creating tutorials, informative videos, guides, interesting blog entries, social media posts; based on delivering quality content and that above all responds to the needs and doubts of your potential clients: surely you attract them and even convert them into leads. 

Low cost conversion

If you generate a lead magnet, it is worth it countless times. Just creating it once and distributing it through an email list is enough. And it only costs your time. In exchange for generating thousands of flyers and paying every time you make copies. 


With  automation tools , you are going to save a lot of time (and money). Another point in favor of inbound marketing, since by relying on digital tools  you do not need to invest too much .

You can automate processes and segment customers, ideal for marketing campaigns or sales funnels that include emails. 

Solutions for a specific niche

This is one of the great benefits:  reaching your specific niche . By having your solution clear, you will no longer be a “generalist”, but although the solution is within a legal sector (such as the labor sector), you will attract those who encounter a specific problem within that sector.

This will also benefit you to make your law firm better known within the field and those who seek you will do so for that specific solution you offer. Therefore, you have a good chance of standing out above your competition. 

Increase your business exposure

As we said in the previous point: you will go ahead of your competition, which will lead you to increase the exposure of your business. You will do it through the actions you generate: creating content that attracts your buyer persona and providing solutions to specific problems they may have.

Everything is a chain: as you loyalty more clients, your business and your reputation will grow together.