Impactful Social Media Strategy by Meme Marketing


The joyous occasion, the cricketing festival is back in India with its 15th edition. Yes, TATA IPL has made its comeback this time in India. After the pandemic, and IPL shifting from India to UAE, the Indian festival is all set to be celebrated from March 26th. 

This 2 months event is going to give countless memories of nail-biting matches, from super-overs to the last ball wins, amazing fielding, and the rain of 4s and 6s, IPL is all set to entertain the world with some world-class players contributing to it. 

74 Matches! 10 Teams! And countless meme templates are all we are going to get from this edition of the IPL. 

However, now you must be wondering how IPL will make social media marketing beneficial? If you have had this question in mind, so let’s give an inside scoop of how you can promote your brand with the assistance of a social media marketing agency at the time of IPL. 

The average IPL viewership worldwide of the year 2021 was 380 million marks, even when the IPL was played by 8 teams in two different phases due to COVID. Now imagine, when the IPL is all set to make its comeback in India with 10 teams, what impact it will be leaving behind. 

But do you know what’s the craziest and best part about IPL is going to be? The meme content. No such event passes by in history which doesn’t give us meme templates or funny content. Even the IPL auction 2022 which was held last month gave us a few smirks, we are talking about IPL this time. 

IPL! Memes! And Social Media!

It won’t be wrong to state this, however, IPL does give some of the highly engaging meme templates. 

In this digitally driven world, social media marketing is the most appropriate option for making a brand reach billions of people at the same time. And if we look at the social media marketing services, then Meme Marketing is the most effective social media marketing tactic to reach a greater number of audiences. 

By now, you must have understood this impactful social media marketing strategy that, IPL is the most viewed cricketing festival providing meme content. And memes are a huge part of social media marketing strategy, and social media is the only way to connect and attract billions of people at the same time, this simple tactic is providing every brand with a chance to be in trends. 

The Trends of Meme Marketing!

Meme Marketing, your social media marketing agency always follows the only mantra of a successful social media marketing strategy, “to be in trends”. In the process of us being in trends, our social media marketing team plays the key role here. 

Being aware of all the recent trends, the highly adopted trends, the most impactful trends, the trends that stayed in trends longer than the others, our SMM team keeps a close eye on making your brand a trend with the most suitable social media content.  

CONCLUSION: So, let’s predict the social media trend for the next two months. IPL is going to be a big hit, everyone on social media is going to talk about IPL every day, IPL is going to provide us with some great social media content. And us at Meme Marketing, your social media marketing agency are going to take the advantage to make your brand a highly followed page with our various unsaid, yet impactful strategies. Contact us now. 

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