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How to stop your glasses from steaming and fogging while wearing a face mask

Do you wear glasses for fun or you can’t see without them?  Whatever might be your reason, after a long tussle, you finally made peace with your glasses, and then masks happened! Now you’ve to cover your face with two items and work your way around them! Could there be anything more frustrating?

While we wear masks for minimal hours, the health workers worldwide have to manage wearing layers of protective pieces of equipment. We have some tried and tested tips to get that fogging out of your way.

Why do glasses fog while wearing a mask?

There is a simple science behind this. While wearing a mask, we give out hot air. This hot air sneaks through the mask and condenses on the surface, hence, blurring our vision. The misting of glass happens because warm water droplets from your breath touch a cold surface, i.e., your glasses, and condenses. These droplets scatter light, lessening our visibility. A study suggests that these droplets are because of the surface tension between water molecules. 

How do I avoid fogging my glasses?

Continually removing your glasses and wiping them clean might prove to be a bit annoying, especially when you’re running some errands or working. Here are a few tips to guide you through the same.

1.Use soapy water to wipe your lenses

This might sound a bit unsettling, but this hack works. If your glasses do not have a special coating, then wiping them off with soapy water can eliminate the fog. Try washing them with soapy water and let them air dry or wipe using a microfiber cloth you get with your glasses. Soapy water creates a thin film that prevents the glasses from fogging. Avoid using lotion-based soaps for this hack.

2. Use masks with nose bridge

If your covers fit you loosely, warm air is sure to escape to your lenses. Wear a mask with a nose bridge – a flexible strip that allows you to bend and take the shape of your nose. There are various purposes of the nose bridge – they make your masks more effective ( less moisture enters and escapes your nose), makes your mask more comfortable to wear, and, lastly, prevents your breath from hitting the glasses. 

Make sure you get the right fit. Wearing loosely fitted masks can cause the steam room effect all day long, and too tight masks will suffocate you. Hence, make sure to find your perfect fit. If your cover doesn’t have its bridge, you can make your own using a twist tie or pipe cleaners or simply taping it down.

3. Wear your glasses over your mask

Wear your mask and wear your glasses on the material. This no brainer hack prevents air from escaping your mask and provides you clear visibility.

4. Tape your mask

You can tape down your mask around your cheeks and nose so that it fits snuggly, and war breath doesn’t escape. Use medical tape or tapes that are made for your skin. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you patch test the tape before using it to avoid irritation or rashes. You can also use tapes specifically designed for sensitive skin.

5. Breathe downwards

This might sound awkward and difficult in the beginning, but this tip might be helpful. Place your upper lip above the lower lip and breathe downwards as if you’re playing the clarinet. This sends your air away from glasses, and you can avoid fogging your lenses.