How to Make Money as a Writer?

We live in a world controlled by money; where every day is a wallet and time is the currency. It is up to us to decide how to make the most of our time. There are lots of professions and jobs that help you make money and one of those is – writing. Being a writer can help you save some bucks in your leisure time; or simply, you can make a living out of it. Writing is a skill that requires a fair amount of effort and expertise, but it is worth it in the long-run. Likewise, writing is considered to be a suitable profession for undergraduates, as it not only helps students in making extra money but it also adds to their experience.

Along with this, choosing writing as a profession, helps an individual to be their boss. As a freelancer, particularly, one gets to choose when, and where to work. As a writer, one gets to enjoy the ultimate freedom and creativity. But, it is seldom that an agency or an employer will knock on a potential writer’s door and offer them an opportunity to work. To earn one’s keep as a writer, one needs to know the layout. All potential writers must know the way to their dream job. Here’s how you can turn your written words into money:

  • Be a Ghostwriter

People with exceptional writing skills, who do not like attention, can very become a ghostwriter for hire or a book writer for hire. As a ghostwriter, one is supposed to work anonymously to help individuals, who wish to get their book written for a fair amount of money. The book is then published with its name. There are publishing houses that hire book writers. Most ghostwriters are making good money out of their services. But, the salary depends on other factors like the kind of industry and the client one is working for. For instance, if one can secure a high-profile project of a politician or a celebrity, the remuneration could very well be lucrative. But for a big catch, one must have good experience in the field. Hence, the pro tip for gaining and showing experience would be to maintain a strong portfolio.

  • Write a Book

If one is not comfortable with the idea of writing a book without any accreditation; then one must consider writing his/her book.  Even when it appears to be a huge aim for a budding writer; it is important to understand that it is very much possible. However, it is not the quickest way to make money as the process is lengthy and it is often torture to find a publishing house that would agree to publish your book. However, at this point, publishing the book online can help generate sales. A lot of people are seen buying and reading eBooks these days. In book wring, the canvas is pretty large and one has the freedom to select the genre – fiction, non-fiction history, and so on. One could also write textbooks for students. But the top tip is to apply for a ‘ghostwriter for hire’ position before writing one’s book as practice makes perfect.

  • Become A Copywriter

What is copywriting? It is a part of branding building for your client. As a copywriter, one is supposed to come up with write-ups for a business that reveal a brand’s individuality and become its voice. The content being produced by a copywriter is viewed by customers, clients, and other businesses. The write-ups include product descriptions, advertisements, newsletters, web content, and even emails. The use of language is informal, and creativity in the field of copywriting is encouraged by employers. However, for a writer to appear humorous and persuasive in their write-ups, one must practice and acquire a distinct writing style. One could start with writing for magazines, which requires a similar writing style, to gain experience. Learn to adapt your tone to suit different niches. Become a writer as versatile and diverse as possible.

  • Work as a Technical Writers

According to Glassdoor, technical writers are making a good amount of money in comparison to copywriters. Technical writing is also a long-term career choice, and not merely an easy way to generate quick money. This type of writing is different from creative, academic, and even business writing. A technical writer’s job varies with the nature of the industry they are working in. But, as a technical writer, one is expected to write about complex technical information with ease in clear words. For instance, writing an instruction manual for users. Technical writing requires a lot of accurate research to produce well-written write-ups that easy to read and understand. So, if one is comfortable with carrying out extensive research and have a flair to make complicated things appear easy-to-understand, then technical writing is a suitable yet well-paid career.