How to design a resume in Photoshop?

Resume design has now become an art that every particular person wants to build his/her resume in personally.

Though it is not so complicated for those who have a vast knowledge of Photoshop graphic design and how to use it to make a resume template.

Resume design is just a task of two or three hours for themselves. But those who don’t have editing skills to make their resume, they don’t allow to create a resume template by themselves.

They have to take help from other professionals to prepare one. In this article, we are showing the way of creating a resume with Photoshop.

If you are following this, then you are requested to follow the article from start to finish. By doing that, you will find yourself with the technique of making a resume template with Photoshop in yourself.

Here we are giving it step by step in below,


If you have a Photoshop application on your computer then open it at first. After opening it, go to FILE and create a new document for your resume.

When creating a file for your resume, you may be offered some specific format. Choose A4 format among them to ensure the standard resume format in height and weight.

In the custom dialogue box of the right side, select 150 pixels per inch for resolution and the CMYK for the color mode.

Then you should click on the Create button.


When you have created a file for your resume, now, you have to set the layout to work perfectly with that. The layout will help you to arrange each side of the resume smoothly.

To set up the page layout, go to View > click on New guide layout to create a guide layout. Determine the number of columns and rows that suit your resume most. Then set up the gutters and margins.

To check the guide resume layout you have created recently, click on the Preview radio button.

Now, press Ok to see the created layout of your resume.


Go to ‘View’ and then click on ‘snap’. You have to be sure that the ‘Snap to guide’ parameter is enabled. It is so important for your next step, so give it a double check to keep sure.


Now we are going to show you how to work with shapes in a resume with Photoshop. You can find the shapes button in the above bar of the window. Go to ‘Shapes’ and choose a rectangle tool.

Besides shapes, you will find ‘Stroke’ on which you should select ‘No stroke’. Add the shapes anywhere you want in your resume. You can also set the exact size of the shape which you want.

Use ‘Move’ to place the shape in the right form.


Fonts and their sizes are the main issues in resume making. You have to choose the best font that has a strong impact on seeing. Don’t include two or more fonts in your resume that can make it look unusual.

To get standard fonts for a resume, you can search online. There you can get so many free fonts to use in your resume.


When we have selected the font, it’s time to include text in our resume. To write anything in your resume on Photoshop, you have to select the text tool and then type whatever you want.

To adjust the text on your wished font, look at the right side of the window, and unfold the ‘Character Panel’.

You can align your texts with peculiar alignment in the ‘paragraph’ option. When you have done with a selective text that you want to keep permanently in your resume, then save that with a particular ‘character style’.

You can use everything of a created text like font, size, color in a character style layer, and also can use the layer in any other area of your resume.

To save texts as a character style, you have to go to the character style panel on the right and then choose the ‘New character style’.


This is the step where we are showing you how you can add a picture to your resume. Some so many people aren’t on the side of adding a picture in the resume. On the contrary, some people recommend just adding a picture to the resume.

We don’t know what you want. But hopefully, this will help you if you are searching for a way of adding a picture to your resume.

To add a photo, you have to create a place for the image. Grab the rectangle tool and make someplace where you want to add the image.

Then go to Library > downloads, you can adjust the image with perfect size by holding shift + alt.

The last thing that you have to do is eliminate the guide layout from the template.  To do this, you have to go to the View > Guide section and click on Shift+; on your keyboard.

By following these simple steps, you can easily make a good resume to apply for a job. You can get inspiration from online resume templates if you search online for them.