How Blue Tick Add Values To A Social Media Account

In this digital sphere where every second account is either fake or a fan page, it is essential to distinguish between spam accounts and original accounts. This is why authentic social media accounts need a blue badge or blue tick indicating that account to be verified.

A social media marketing agency helps you in gaining that verified blue badge on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.

You must have seen many verified accounts on various social media platforms, accounts of business people, actors, entertainers, influencers, bloggers, politicians, brand pages, and numerous others. Now you must be wondering why it is essential, what are the benefits, or even how can your brand get a verified blue badge?

All your questions will be answered in the following words, make sure you read till the end.

Why Is Blue Tick or Blue Badge Essential?

In this trendy world, where everyone wishes to go viral by copying the original content, it is essential to have the copyright of the original piece. The blue tick somewhat works similarly, as the original content attains the maximum chances of being shared and going viral, if that account is verified there will be no issues of copyrights or reporting the page.

Social media has become a world in itself, where finding new connections is easy. However, you can’t trust if that account is real or fake. In the year 2020, Facebook reported 5% of accounts, which were around 137 million users that owed fake accounts.

Due to these fake accounts or fan pages, it is essential to have the original account verified via blue tick on various social media platforms with the help of a social media marketing agency.

Benefits of Blue Tick On Social Media Channels

Builds Credibility

Having a verified social media account will help gain the trust of audiences because even after being shown in suggestions, the chances of getting followed depend on the verified badge. The audience trusts a brand or a page only if the posted content is original, entertaining, and has a sense of believing.

Increase Brand Awareness

A verified account on social media channels has the leverage of being noticed better than any regular account. In this world of trends and the digital age, social media has become the hub of shopping as well. So, for the brand pages to share an authentic post and increase the sale chances, that verified badge holds importance to increasing brand awareness.

Increase Engagement Rates

The chances of a verified page showing up in the suggestions at the time of search are higher, because of the authenticity. The blue tick doesn’t just help in increasing sales, however, it also helps in engaging maximum audiences across the globe. The blue tick gives the responsibility of posting quality content which helps in increasing the engagement rates.

Builds Brand Value

As the blue tick makes an account a verified page of social media, it returns with an engaging audience. The rate of sharing the content gets higher too, and this is what helps in building a brand’s value. Sharing the posts is one of the most important steps to reach a wider range of audiences to build brand value. It all lies with authenticity.

Steps To Increase Chances of Getting A Blue Tick on Social Media Platforms

  • Constant posting
  • Not violating the social media guild-lines
  • Completing essential requirements
  • Taking advantage of every feature of each social media platform
  • Avoid unnecessary tagging and linking

Five Social Media Platforms For Verified Account

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

How We Help You Get A Blue Tick

Being a social media marketing agency, we, at Meme Marketing perform various steps to ensure your brand’s page becomes a verified blue tick account. Our SMM experts ensure to work according to the guidelines and rules, as every social media platform has a different set of rules and different steps of verifying an account, our team focuses on sharing original and authentic content.

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