Five Leadership qualities to motivate your team

With great position comes great responsibility, be it a leader of a team or manager of an organization. As a leader, our job is to lead as well as motivate and inspire the individual on board to perform to the best of their abilities. When we are playing the role of a leader, it requires several qualities and attributes to make certain that the people around us succeed and the organization in the turn succeeds as a whole.

As Rosalynn Carter, American first lady once remarked, “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”

To take our team where they need to go, we must first unlock their potential. As such, these five leadership qualities may be useful to motivate and encourage the team to do their best work.

Provide a vision and purpose:

A leader is an individual with a vision for a future that provides the team with a sense of purpose and something to look forward to.  Something to work towards with all of their energy and focus. As a leader, we can bring this vision to reality by setting up realistic and achievable targets and encouraging our team to achieve them.

Set clear goals:

A clear and driving vision is essential but the pathway to achieving it is through short and clear targets and goals along the way which will lead us to the bigger vision. For that, we must make sure that our team is on the same page and agrees with the goals and deadlines which we set. This makes it certain that they also identify with the goals and deadlines on a personal level. When these things are in place, it boosts the productivity of the team and helps motivate them in the process. Naturally, when these deadlines are achieved, they will be happy and thus more productive and involved.

Encourage teamwork:

We as a leader should stress the importance of teamwork and strengthen the connection between our teammates. It is no surprise that when everyone works together, the work becomes easier and efficient. Further, we can even encourage our team by linking their performance with team goals.

Give praise and rewards:

Appreciation and rewards are some of the best ways by which we can inspire and motivate our employees. As Anthony Liscio Alto, Vice President of Alto Properties at 859 Kennedy Road knows, it is a proven fact that good performance by staff should be rewarded from time to time.

Lead by example:

Perhaps the most powerful motivational tactic we can deploy is to lead by example. We should display qualities such as hard work, professional integrity, and a can-do attitude. These are the attributes which leave a positive imprint on our team and will help them to emulate the same.