Explore The Origin And History Of Ancient Japanese Samurai Swords

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Well, to know about the samurai swords in detail, stick with us and we will share some interesting information about their origin and history. 

What Is A Samurai Sword?

The Samurai sword is also known as Katana. It is a Japanese sword explained by a curved, single-edged blade with a circular or square protector. This sword has a long grip so that it can be held by two hands.

It originated by the Samurai of ancient and feudal Japan.

The katana is available in a variety of designs and colors so that everyone can get according to their choice and requirements.

The best Samurai Swords include the Dragon sword, Connor Macleod sword, and Bushido sword as well. The dragon samurai sword has a red and black color like the swords used in ancient times.

Hence, the Connor Macleod sword is a replica of the sword used by the hero in history. Some of the swords are also available in sets of two or three that look chic when displayed on a sword stand.

You must also take good care of your swords as they are precious pieces from history.

History Of Samurai Sword

Historical Japanese katana is considered as the top weapon of the ruling elite (Samurai) of the Middle Ages up till the modern era. It was taken as a status symbol at that time.

This particular sword came in two types. One is ‘Katana’ that is the longer one and used to fight with. The other type is called ‘Wakizashi’. It is a short sword as compared to Katana.

It was used as a backup weapon and used chiefly for ritual suicide or the execution of enemies on the battlefield.

Initially, the Japanese soldiers used Chinese swords until the 8th century. These swords were sharp but could break easily during the war. This was the common problem faced by all sword makers around the world in ancient times.

They used to build sharp swords, but these swords were easily breakable. On the other hand, if they made them tough, swords became relatively dull.

According to a legend, a sword-smith noticed this problem of swords. Thus, he started experimenting with different techniques to make swords strong and sharp.

He discovered a cooling technique that was the right one for making these swords. In this technique, the blade after being hammered into shape was covered in clay. Hence, the bottom edge cooled down quickly leaving the blade sharp.

And, the covered parts cooled down at a slow pace, making those parts flexible, tough, and not easy to break. At first, this sword was named as ‘Tachi’, which then led to ‘Katana’.

 Japanese Tradition

In Japan, sword making was a tradition that was celebrated. When a sword was made, a ritualistic ceremony took place. A priest would come and purify the sword and sword maker.

Japanese swords were no doubt an incredible piece of art. Sword makers gave proper attention to the smallest details. Proper attention was given to the hilt, handguard, and scabbard as well.

They were commonly made by the depictions of Japanese mythology. Sometimes, silver and gold materials were also embedded in them to enhance their overall look.


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