Your Complete Guide to Repair Damaged Electrical Socket

Complete guide to repair damaged electrical socket.
Repair damaged electrical socket

Getting overheated or cracked are some reasons why electrical sockets may be damaged? It is suggested that you do not turn off electric sockets when repairing the damages caused as they are probably risky and not at all a costly task. You can take the help of an emergency electrician if you are having any queries related to your ability to carry out the works successfully.

Your Step by step guide in repairing damaged socket

  1. You need to make the screws loose on the faceplate of your socket. After this, keep them at a side and see that you do not lose them. You may use masking tape for sticking them properly to skirting board for storing them safely

2.  After this, try to pull socket outlet from the box in order to get proper access to the terminal connections at the back.

3. Having face plate away from your socket box, you can find three pairs of conductors:

·Single or One pair of brown (live) conductors – These may turn red when working with old cables

·Single or One pair of blue (neutral) conductors – These may be black in case you work with old cables

·Single or One pair of yellow (earth) and green conductors.

4. If socket outlet has been mounted in the metal box, then you will find an earth tail that connects earth terminal on the socket to earth terminal on the back of your metal box.

5. With the help of a small flat-head screwdriver, each connection terminals will be at the top of the socket outlet so that you may be able to release the conductors.

6. Try to loosen terminal connections on your new socket outlet

7. Make sure you insert live conductors within the hole in live terminal that has been marked as ‘L’. This is going to be red or brown cable.

8. There isn’t any exposed wire that can twist wires together. You will have to tighten retaining screw to ensure the wires are secured firmly.

9. Repeat step 8 for neutral cable and fixing them into the neutral terminal that has been marked as ‘N’. This will be black or blue.

10. Repeat step 8 for earth conductors by fixing them properly to earth terminal that has been marked with earth symbol. These will either be yellow or green. If you are having earth tail fitted between metal patress box and socket outlet, then try to refit it properly at the time of connecting the pair of earth conductors to terminal that has been marked with earth symbol at the back of socket outlet.

11. Make it a point to see all the connections are prepared into the correct terminals without any stray wires so that they are fastened securely.

12. Try to ease face plate back against back box. Check that the cables are not kinked so that they will not be trapped when you screwing on the face plate.

13. Try to line up face plate and use screws to fasten it properly. The face plate should be leveled properly when you tighten up the screws. Place spirit level at the top when you tighten up the screws in case you do not know how to check the level.

14. Restore power and test your new electrical socket so that it works properly.

Thus, it is an easy task to repair damaged electrical socket by following the above-discussed steps. Make sure you spend sufficient time and stay careful when doing such tasks. If you want to know more about electrical problems in your house and how they work, get in touch with an emergency electrician near me and solve all your queries from him.