Celebrities and showbiz setting the trends in our society for the young generation

It is a human trait that we all live not only for ourselves but also for the people around us. Our lives are constantly getting changed by the changing environment and our changing company. It happens because the people around us tend to affect our lives in many ways. The young generation in the contemporary world is more intuitive and creative than their forefathers. The reason for this is that they have more ways to keep themselves updated and aware of the outside world. All the information regarding anything academic to your everyday fashion news is available at the distance of a click. So, their lives start to take effects from famous people all over social media. We also see many young teenagers coming into showbiz. They start college and have already gained a million followers on the social media platform. They mimic the style and personality of the celebrities that eventually results in other people like them. However, one such beautiful cultural dresses are the Pakistani bridal wear.

In earlier times, there used to be a minor shift in the clothing trends. The same trends used to follow one another after a certain period. People enjoyed them like that. But now, a particular situation has changed. Trends fluctuate more now. After some time, people get bored with the ones that were previously present and, they want something new and unique. It is when fashion designers use the artists of society to promote the many new trends that they have set. The reason for this is that young minds are trained to behave like the role models that they have set. We all have one or more role models. Most of us choose a public figure for that. Their life affects us and we start to develop a psychological and emotional bond with them. This leads us to the desire of having to look like them and behave like them. It is why advertising and promoting your product has become so essential in our present world.  The showbiz industry works on the principles of a capitalist world. They know how to make use of every opportunity available to them. And for your own benefit, you need majority on your side. The most fragile and easy minds to deal with are the ones of the young generation. You can introduce any idea into their minds by making it aesthetically pleasing and see them droll over it. It is the same way that they get inspired from the people of showbiz industry and start adopting their values.

It not only benefits us but has also been making a negative impact on the lives of many young people. Any form of media be it print and, electronic has positive as well as negative effects. The young generation is at the front line to see the consequences of this entire situation. The teenagers have tried to copy the lifestyle of the popular celebrities of their country. But when most of them are not able to reach the standard their role models have set, they get into a sadness that ultimately leads to depression. Many youngsters have also been reported to commit suicides for similar reasons. It means that we need to know that all this is coming with much greater consequences than we realize. We cannot fight with it. It is the need of the everyday life that we stay updated with the contemporary world to survive. So, we need to observe the balance while following these trends. 

With the rapid advancements in the world, we cannot risk losing control over our lives. We have to understand the difference between virtual and real life. It is possible if we set our priorities in the right way. Having role models is not bad but if we leave all social and moral grounds to obtain a life that is not suitable for us, it shall result in our destruction. We have to be lead a goal-oriented life by knowing our limits to entertainment. Only then shall we get happiness and style both.