Best Floors in the Upcoming Affordable Flats in Gurugram

With an increase in the demand for affordable homes in Gurugram, various national and international real-estate developers have launched impressive luxurious as well as affordable housing projects in Gurugram. Their project has a high-rise as one of its essential features that consists of 7+ floors.

You must always consider investing time in research with regards to amenities, locality, and neighborhood offered by the developer that assists you in making the right choice of the floor you decide to live in. Every floor has its own aces and ploys. Exploring these pros and cons brings homebuyers into a serious dilemma. Generally, people prefer waking up to a beautiful sunrise and scenic views while some like to stay grounded for ease of inaccessibility.

Here are limited aspects that might benefit you in determining to live on the floors of your dreams.

Amazing Views

Staying on the higher or top floors can offer you some breathtaking views. In a hustling city such as Gurugram, purchasing a flat on top floors is no less than an achievement. It provides plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Top floors are said to have fresh and pollution-free air with enhanced ventilation than the people living on comparatively low floors. Especially, an onsite river view from top floors is amazing.

Rental Returns

Most people in Gurugram prefer staying in edifices with 7+ floors. Therefore, they buy flats on top floors that yield better rental returns. Flats on top floors are high priced unless you’re purchasing affordable homes in Gurugram that are capable of getting you the best deals with higher returns shortly.

Impressive accessibility

For the comfort of senior citizens or physically challenged people, flats close to the ground are preferable because of their complicated medical conditions or unfortunate emergencies. Delhi NCR area is perhaps prone to earthquakes and other natural disasters. Therefore, for ease in the evacuation, it gets difficult if you’re a resident of the top floor. It is commonly observed that people living on the top or bottom floor often face water blockage problems as well.

Easily affordable

Purchasing a flat close to the ground is preferred if affordability or affordable flats are on your list. One has to pay extra or premium fees to purchase a flat on the top floors. There is a shrill upsurge in the energy consumptions for top-floored flats as well. Well, sideways with it comes an upsurge in the price of living. Leadingt and reputed developers like MRG World have many upcoming affordable housing projects in Gurgaon proposing quality apartments in major sites at an affordable cost. 


Very few people choose to live on top floors, that why you get improved privacy. Staying in top-floors also assures freedom from noise, hustle, and traffic. You must elect to live on top floors if you demand super-privacy to devote time with your loved ones.

Ensuring security

Apartments on the lower floors are easily accessible by anyone hence making them prone to theft and burglary. If you’re keen on staying on the lower floors, inspect the security arrangements of your housing society. Nevertheless, lower floors are mostly interrupted by salesmen and other anti-social elements along with t.

Family Consideration

If you have a family containing children and senior citizens, it is a wise choice to buy an apartment close to the ground or on the bottom floors. Apart from their safety, it is convenient for them to travel in and out easily. Moreover, for individuals who undergo impairment or devises acrophobia (fear of height), must favor living nearer to the land.


Families prefer staying on top floors as they are liberalized from unnecessary sounds and hustle-bustle around the city. Such cases are common on bottom floors.

It must be necessarily observed that the middle floor units, those in between 3 to 6, bid the right blend of higher and ground-floor flat living. Thus, they are in high demand currently. Yet your verdict must be prepared after considering the features stated above for an agreeable and comfortable living experience in the Affordable Flats in Gurgaon.

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