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Benefits of Personal Training at the Lift3

By joining a local Lift3 in the Central Coast, you can get several kinds of benefits. You can become a member for free. Or if you are a member already, you can upgrade your membership to the Gold level or Platinum level. These benefits include: discounts at local Lift3, discounts at hotel stays, discounts on meals and so much more! If you are seriously considering joining a local Lift3 in the Central Coast, you should review this list of perks.

Membership Application Only – Most YMCA’s require you to become a member before they will grant you a membership. However, if you have a current membership, but you just want to join as a guest, the Lift3 has an easy process for you to upgrade your membership without having to pay any additional membership fees. They will also remind you about your monthly or quarterly dues so that you aren’t surprised with the additional fees. If you have never heard of a YMCA before, it is very important that you read about the organization in its entirety before you decide whether or not you wish to become a member. Otherwise, you may find out that you would be better served financially by just visiting a local YMCA instead.

Personal Training Assistance…view full document… When you view their membership application or contact them about upgrading your membership, they will tell you all the information you need to know about becoming a member of the Lift3. From the program guide that comes with your membership, to personal training that you will receive once you become a member, to discounts on meals and other things, you will be well taken care of.

Exercise Equipment…view full document… The personal training program that comes with your membership will also include exercise equipment for you to use at home. Not only can you use these exercise equipment pieces at home to help you maintain your workout schedule, but you can also use them at home during your free time to keep yourself in shape. If you are always working at the gym during your free time, you never really get the time away from your routine that you need to stay in great shape. By using exercise equipment at home, you can still get in shape, but you can also enjoy the relaxation and peace of mind that come along with using exercise equipment…even if you do not have a partner!

Sports Performance and Results…view full document… When you become a member of the Lift3, you also gain access to the members only club area. Within this section, you will find a full source of information for those of you looking to improve on your overall athletic performance. You will find tips for increasing your speed and power, as well as full training plans for competitive swimming, softball, basketball, tennis, track & field, volleyball and more. If you are looking to get into sports as a way to improve on your overall physical condition, the Lift3 can provide you with all of the resources that you need to make that happen.

Benefits of Personal Training… Aside from the direct benefit of the actual physical exercise equipment, you can also benefit from the personal training program that is provided to you as part of your membership. This type of personal training is generally geared towards older adults. If you are older than most of the members at the Lift3 are, but you want to stay in top shape, this is a great place for you to start. If you would like to learn more about this program guide, then you should continue reading this article…as we take a look at the benefits of the Lift3 membership!