Apple TV app development

The 2020 Apple TV update that came out last year wasn’t just old hardware wrapped up in a new way. There is a completely new interface, a remote control with a touch surface, Siri technology, and, perhaps more importantly, tvOS is a flexible operating system, complemented by a full-fledged SDK.

All this allows developers to get the most out of the platform, take advantage of all the advantages of the central and GPU, convenient control panel, accelerometer, gyroscope and many other frameworks used in development for iOS… The latter seems to be extremely important, as it means that anyone with experience with the Swift programming language can quickly master the intricacies of development for large screens. By the way, the developers of the BBC broadcasting corporation presented the Apple TV iPlayer application.

How to get started with developing for Apple TV

All the tools you need for any Apple platform are available free of charge to members of the Apple Developer Program. Participation in this project costs $ 99 per year and gives the opportunity (with permission) to publish applications in the Mac App Store, iOS App Store and Apple TV App Store.

Apple portal for tvOS platform

You can get started with tvOS here. This resource provides general information about the platform, along with links to download the tvOS toolkit and Xcode, the IDE where you will spend most of your time. This contains the Apple TV emulator. Of course, it’s better to check how it all works on a physical device, but, be that as it may, you still have the opportunity to test your code.
Developing apps for TVOS with SwiftIf you are a newbie, then you should first read Apple’s best practices for developing tvOS apps, with practical examples, tips for using iCloud, and a description of how data is transferred from device to server.
If difficulties arise, you can turn to forums where developers exchange codes, discuss specific issues and, in general, help each other. But before asking for advice, it is more expedient to suggest something to another person – this way you will recommend yourself from the best side, and, in turn, others will be more willing to help you.

Programming languages ​​for tvOS

Apple TV apps use a combination of Swift, Objective-C, and Javascript. Swift is the newest among its peers.
The iBooks Store contains a 500-page manual – Swift 2.1 – on this programming language. It is available for download for free.

Developing apps for Apple TV with Swift

Also pay attention to the free AppCoda programming course. This course is mostly about iOS, but there are sections on Swift that describe features that tvOS borrowed from iOS.

Free course on programming on TVOS

Mozilla has published a voluminous JavaScript manual that includes more than specific information about web pages. In general, this is something like an educational resource, having mastered the programming language, the educational material can be used as a reference.

Online Apple TV Programming Courses

Many websites offer dedicated Apple TV courses for those who find it easier to learn new material if it is presented in a structured course rather than a tutorial. Udemy has the Apple TV App Development for tvOS course, which includes 82 lectures that last for a total of 16 hours. This course is aimed at beginner mobile app developers dallas, but some knowledge of Swift is still required. For those who are not at all familiar with this programming language, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with “iOS 9 & Swift 2: From Beginner to Paid Professional” first. It doesn’t come cheap – £ 160, but by now there are almost 5,000 registered students.

Apple TV App Development for tvOS

YouTube has a free 47-minute presentation on Apple TV App Development. Describes the nuances of creating first-class elements and parallax effects that are a must for app icons in tvOS.
Also worth checking out is the JavaScript educational tutorial on The tutorial, again, is aimed at beginners, and by now the number of views has already exceeded 163 thousand, among the topics: creating functions, writing codes, managing events – all this will be useful for the developer for Apple TV. Lynda is a subscription service from £ 14.95.

JavaScript Educational Tutorial

As with any field, practice is the most effective way to reinforce new material. Try to devote time to practice each day, trying to portray what you recently read. Even if this is just a test that you invented for yourself.