7 Must-Know Features to Create an App Like Amazon

Are you a business owner looking forward to expanding your business to an e-commerce platform? If yes, then this blog will be of great assistance to you. Today we’ll deal with all those crucial and necessary features that you should adopt in order to create an App as successful as Amazon. But first, you should need to know more about Amazon, its insights to get a better idea to create such an app.

Insights to Amazon

Before you move towards the app development features, be informed that Amazon is the most popular eCommerce platform worldwide. Offering online retail, digital content, consumer electronics, computer services, etc. amazon has become the leading e-retailer since 2018 in the US. It has achieved the position of a highly valued companies due to its global reach and appeal.  

Not only desktop but the brand has consumers expanding to the mobile as well. The app for amazon eCommerce is the second most popular App in the US today. Amazon not only offers an online market to the consumers and businesses out there, but it also offers titled amazon prime and video subscription service. The subscribers are benefited from the two-day deliveries that are guaranteed upon ordering products from the Amazon platform.

Now you must be wondering how to create an app like amazon, right? Well below is the list of must-have features following which you could create a successful app that is similar to amazon.

1.      Embrace Reviews and Ratings in Your App

The customer review is the most essential aspect of a business’s success, therefore your app should incorporate the reviews and ratings. Customers giving feedback must be addressed to improve the application. Do you know that a visitor will first check the review and will then decide whether to buy the product or not?

 Reviews and ratings are the means to determine the suitability of the product as per their needs. You should be highlighting both positive as well as negative comments in your app. The negative comments should be addressed in a much supportive and professional way. This will enable potential customers to get a clear idea of their decision being right or wrong. 

2.      Integrate a List of Payment Options

Including multiple payment options in your app is productive in a way that it will provide a variety of viable options for the customer. As it is the evolving era of the internet, your app should support as many modes of payment as possible. Otherwise, it will result in losing your customers.

3.      Incorporate Push Notifications

To design an app like amazon you should make sure to incorporate push notifications in it. It is an effective way of communicating with your customers. Using push notifications, you can inform your clients regarding ongoing offers and discounts in addition to updates for any changes in the application. Moreover, you can also inform your clients about sales and related offers that might result in increasing your revenue generation.

4.      Integrate Social Media in Your App

As the eCommerce business has a direct relation with selling, therefore, to achieve success it is crucial to spread the word about your business and app among a greater audience.  The best way to achieve this goal is to incorporate social media into your app. It is the fastest way to achieve popularity. Now, you could do this by ensuring that your customer logs in using social media handles. This way the whole process of signing in to your app will be simplified.

This has another plus point as well. The integration of social media will enable customers to freely share various offers and discounts, molding other potential customers to sign up and use your products. Therefore, an app that fails to harness the massive reach of social media fails substantially to maximize in the market.

5.      Incorporate The Wishlist Option

Adding a wishlist option in your app will prove to be a useful tool as it allows customers to save the products in which they are interested. This way they sort out their interested products aside and whenever they want to make a purchase they could instantly go to their wishlist and add that product to cart to shop it. This basically simply the whole process of buying.

The wishlist not only benefits the customers but also is useful for your business. As you make up your wishlist every time, the backend team will study your spending habits and shopping preferences so that they will then target you for respective offers and discounts on which you are most likely to spend.

6.      Synchronize your app’s mobile and desktop versions

Most of today’s online companies operate both on desktop as well as mobile, therefore, be mindful of synchronizing both versions of your service. In case both the platforms are not synchronized, it will give a hard time to your developers to work twice to integrate every new feature into two different platforms.

7.      Keep Your Checkout Process Fast and Simple

As your potential customer spends a considerable time on your app choosing the right product, the checkout process should be simple for them. It should be the priority of your app service to keep the checkout process simple and easy. Developing a complicated process will simply lead you to lose potential customers. Add the facility to use debit or credit card during their first transaction. This will make the process of checkout convenient for the customer and will not draw their back off your service.

The Bottom Line

Integrating the above-mentioned features in your app will help you create an app that is as successful as Amazon. These features will actually allow you to provide your customers with a simple and productive experience in your application. Their convenient experience and positive feedback will not only draw them to shop again but will also mold other potential customers to shop from your application. Moreover, this will also help you prevent losing your customers.

Be mindful of avoiding any irrelevant whistles or bells. Don’t forget to address your customer’s complaints and concerns. Remember, that the best features along with the best customer service will definitely help your eCommerce application reach the top chart.