6 video marketing trends in 2021

One of the most characteristic is video marketing since visual media are the most sought after and valued by potential clients. If you want to increase your sales and that your website’s users become leads, you have to be at the forefront of new trends.

The importance of videos in marketing

Over the years, digital marketing is the solution and the key that opens all the doors to increasing sales of any business, regardless of size. Marketing strategies include many and varied. Some indicated for a specific audience, and others. They are simply practical and efficient for all types of users.

It is estimated that 80% of the traffic generated on the internet comes from videos. A user spends an average of three hours a day watching videos. Statistics show that 100 million Internet users watch videos every day, including 9 out of 10, watch those of the brands they follow, and 65% say they end up visiting the web. This generates traffic, visibility and a consequent increase in sales.

And all this without mentioning all the videos that are shared daily through social networks. For example, 90% of the traffic generated on mobiles comes from videos. Almost nothing! The truth is that it is no wonder since watching a video does not require any effort since many of them are simple images that give a message for which you do not even have to concentrate much. On the other hand, they are easy to share, and everyone loves them. If an image is worth a thousand words in a video, that value is multiplied by at least 10.

There are many reasons why you should implement video marketing in your strategies. They are between them:

They help SEO

Videos capture attention and, therefore, make the user stay on our page longer, thus increasing organic positioning. To give you an idea, it is normal for a user to spend an average of one or two minutes on a web page, depending on whether they are looking for a specific product or go-to look. With a video, this time increases to 5 minutes from a tablet and three from a cell phone.

They already compete with TV.

Less and fewer people have television at home because the internet and videos allow us to see what we want without depending on schedules or annoying advertisements. And those who still have it admit that since they have become fond of videos, they watch TV much less than before.

They do not represent a large investment.

Of course, when talking about doing video marketing, you may think of a huge investment to make a great audiovisual production. If you have to think carefully about what you want to achieve and what is the best way to do it, but otherwise, it is not complicated at all. For example, if you have a new company and you want to make it known, a video of yours could be enough explaining who you are, why you have decided to open that business and what you want to contribute to users. Of course, it must be something attractive.

What’s the longest in video marketing in 2021?

Now that you know how important videos are in your marketing strategies, the time has come to know how to do it or what the most will take next year. Well, here are the trends that are working and that will be implemented more fully in 2021.


One of the big mistakes that many companies make and why the videos do not work for them, or at least not as they would like, is that they publish them in a different language than that of their page, and therefore that of the user and this is not taken advantage of 100% of its content. To avoid this, the tendency to put subtitles on videos is the only solution. This allows the video to be instructive or informative and offers the opportunity for the user to watch it wherever they are without having to turn the volume up.

Social media

While it is true that posting videos on our website can be effective in keeping users on it for longer, social networks are a powerful tool that manages to direct them to our page or to any of our products or services that we want. We will get traffic, visibility and brand reputation. All in one, simply by posting our videos on social networks.

Of course, we must learn to use the networks and understand that not all of them are for everyone, although a combination of a few can be very effective. Everything will depend on the sector in which you move and the type of videos you want to make.


Tutorials will continue to be a trend in video marketing in 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity to help your users learn to do things for themselves. Quiet, they will turn to you for their questions, buy the materials, or not do so to hire your services. Think that even if you want to sell, offering valuable information is a key point for those who can become your future customers.

Email marketing

Email marketing will be a widely used channel in 2021 for video marketing strategies. Offering your clients or those who have given their data to do so promotions and special campaigns through a link to a video will be a unique opportunity to create traffic, gain visibility and reputation at the same time. Well, do it from your website or on social networks, but remember to ask creatively to share it with others.


The storytelling that has been very popular in written content will be a trend that will hit the ground running in 2021. People like real stories, those that tell something special about someone and show the most personal side of a company. Put it into practice, and you will succeed.

Short videos for your followers

Use the videos of less than a minute to dialogue with your followers. In this case, we are no longer talking about enhancing your brand but about showing your human side since you are a person before being a boss or entrepreneur. Let your followers on the networks see clearly through your interaction with them. We can use FlexClip to create a video.

Here are some of the key features of FlexClip:

* Enjoy free membership for lots of key features and visual effects.

* 1,000+ pre-made templates save you lots of time and fit all occasions.

* Add animated texts, funky widgets, dynamic overlays, intros/outros, etc., to make your video pop.

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How to create an effective video marketing campaign

After all the advice and information that we have given you, you already know the importance of video marketing and the trends at the forefront of 2021.

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Now, what should you take into account to make a video marketing campaign?

  • Define objectives. Before starting, analyze what you want to achieve with the campaign. Different objectives can be set, such as gaining followers, engagement or visibility. Based on your answer, you should focus your efforts.
  • Define your audience. Each audience has different interests, which is why your business audience is probably not diverse. Analyze well who is interested in your products or services and analyze what may interest them.
  • Define the channels. Will you only use your website or also social networks? What social network is best for your business?
  • Make a script. Don’t just step in front of the camera and spread extensive nonsensical vocabulary that may not get anywhere. There is a trend, especially on YouTube, of people who in a 15-minute video are talking for 10 minutes, and the valuable content is only in the other five, or four because then they use one to ask to be followed or liked. This bores and exhausts users. Don’t make that mistake. Create a script and offer something worthwhile.
  • Diffusion. There are several online platforms where we can upload our video to spread it, either on our website or on the networks. Some of them are Youtube, Dailymotion, Blip or Vimeo, among others.
  • Choose the moment. You may already know that sharing publications on the networks need a precise moment when there are more people. To do this, you must carry out an investigation and choose the exact moment.

Now you have all the information and tools you need to get going in 2021 with your video marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use one of the newest forms of marketing.