5 Top Lost Cities of Different Civilizations in History

Lots of mysteries are embedded in human history. If we compare all of these mysteries, we will know that lost civilizations are capturing more imaginations than other mysteries. There are lots of whispers and rumors of these lost cities. These whispers and rumors of the lost cities are inspiring the minds of the explorers. Lots of authors have also written TV serials and novels about these lost cities. Filmmakers and game developers have also shown their imaginations about these lost cities. Here, we will discuss the top five lost cities of different civilizations in history.

Timgad, Algeria:

It is one of the most famous lost cities in the world. That’s why lots of writers have discussed this lost city in their adventure novels. It was an effervescent city in history. This city is founded in the desert of Emperor Trojan. It is said that it was an important trading post during the collapse of the Roman Empire. In the fifth century, this city was rebuilt. It was rebuilt in the form of the new Christian Center. In the 7th century, the second great robbery of the world was taken place in this city. This great robbery had left lots of bad impacts on the economy of this city. After that time, the sand of the Sahara Desert had covered this city. Once, it was covered by the sand of the Sahara Desert, it was rediscovered in 1881. Nowadays, it is present in the African provinces. It is providing the best view of the Roman cities. The visitors can see the typical Roman baths and the Temple of Jupiter in this city. The architecture of this lost city is showing that Romans had given enough importance to this city.

Pavlopetri, Greece:

If we are discussing the lost cities of different civilizations in history, we can’t remain without mentioning the Atlantis civilization. Most of the writers have written about the Atlantis civilization. According to them, this civilization was not existed outside of the Plato allegory. Anyhow, some cities in the world have the civilization of Atlantis. These cities are also discovering the fate of the Atlantis civilization. The Greek philosopher had also provided pieces of evidence about the fate of the lost cities. According to him, this city was swallowed by water. It was the city of the pre-classical age of Greece. This famous city was founded during the Stone age. Lots of philosophers had written about this lost city. According to them, this city was lost because it was swallowed by the water. The discovery of this lost city is providing lots of information about the residents of this city. When you will visit this lost city, you will get unique information about the life of distant times. This city came underwater due to the rising level of water and landslides due to the earthquakes.

Petra, Jordanian:

Research by a dissertation help firm shows that there are different views of this city. Its reason is that different philosophers have different views about this lost city and its civilizations in history. That’s why we can’t say that this city was lost. Instead of lost, it was abandoned. Anyhow, the locals were well aware of the existence of this city. Either it was lost or it was abandoned, it remained unknown to the Western people at least for 1,000 years. Pliny had shared his views about this lost city. According to him. This city was taken over by the Romans in 103BC.  After that, an earthquake had destroyed this city. As a result of this earthquake, the water supply system of this city was destroyed. There were lots of cities in the surrounding areas. Instead of rebuilding this city, the residents of this city had decided to move towards these cities. After that, this city was left over the desert. That’s why it has become the best place for adventurous travelers. Some grave robbers also hide in this city. Nowadays, it has become one of the most important archaeological places in the Middle East. This city is half-built and half dug in the stone. It is providing an awe-inspiring view to the travelers.

Tikal Guatemala:

When we will study history, we will know that Tikal was once the capital of the Mayan kingdom. Moreover, it was also one of the greatest cities at that time. The abandonment of this city is still a mystery. When researchers explored this lost city, they knew that only a few people were living in this city. Like other mysteries in the world, this city has also become a mystery for us. Some researchers have said that the residents of this city had left this city by themselves. It means that they were shifted to another place. The residents of this place knew this city. There are many rumors about this lost city. Lots of travelers come to see this city from distant places. They come to see the high pyramids. The royal places of this lost city are also entertaining the people. There are also lots of entertainment arenas at that place.

Cliff Palace, Colorado:

If you are interested to know lots of things about the Pueblo people and their civilizations in history, you should visit this place. They were the native Americans of the southwestern United States. After building the villages, they take their names to these villages. The Pueblo communities are still existing in the world. Most of the writers had written the history of this lost city. They had written that this city was built from 900 to 1200 AD. Most of the construction in this city was taken place in 1200 AD. It was abandoned in 1300 AD. It was remained unknown to the world till 1888. The reason for the abandonment of this place is still unknown to the world. Anyhow, it is expected that this great city was lost during the great droughts. These great droughts had ruined agriculture throughout the region. Due to these great droughts, the residents of this place had to move to other places. It is expected that the residents of this lost city were also moved to another place.