5 Reasons Why You Should Not Use a Free VPN

Well, we all love free things, but many of them are “Easy come, easy go.” If you decide to use a free VPN and wonder if you really should, there’s a big “No”. Before committing to a VPN, you need to make sure it offers privacy protection, and has features like kill switch and no DNS leaks. More importantly, your chosen VPN should have high speed, the ability to bypass geo-restrictions, and a variety of servers and server locations.

VPN services are a necessity to survive in the online world. They are frequently used by big corporates and online businesses. They use VPNs to manage their library of data across different office locations and to provide easy and access for employees. 

People nowadays love freebies & giveaways but when it comes to something like VPN, they should think before using it as it can lead to negative consequences. Unfortunately, free VPNs don’t come with such strong features, and even if they do, the functions aren’t reliable and they can often crash. Free VPN providers have little or no incentive to protect user data, improve features, and users are at high risk of data logging. 

The Cost of a Free VPN

Ask yourself a serious question before using a free VPN: Is a free VPN service really free? There is a simple answer to this question, no. Free VPNs are free to use for accessing geo-restricted websites, but a user has to pay a huge cost in terms of data theft, speed throttling, limited bandwidth and data consumption.

If you want to install a VPN on your device, go for a paid VPN service. Firstly, most of the premium services offer a free trial period, and so, you can fully review them; after complete satisfaction, choose one that best suits your needs. 

VPN users know how disappointing it is when they travel abroad, and find that certain websites and streaming platforms are not accessible in that region, since many are limited to the US only. Therefore, when choosing a VPN, choose trustworthy, credible names like iProVPN, SurfShark or NordVPN etc. They have clear policies which state the name of streaming services you can gain access to. 

In our testing of VPNs, all three of the above worked well enough to be recommended. However, it was during our iProVPN review when we found out that it is a better service due to its amazing streaming speeds, affordability and enhanced security, these are benefits that you can only enjoy with a paid VPN.  

1. Free yourself from ISP Speed throttling:

Your internet service provider decelerates your internet speed when they find out that you are streaming. With a VPN, your traffic is encrypted and therefore your ISP cannot throttle your internet speed.

So the next time you stream your favorite content on Hulu, Fire Stick, and Kodi with a paid VPN, you will notice a major speed difference. Most free VPN services will dwindle your internet speeds by more than 50%, which will not happen with a paid service.

2. Access 150+ Servers

Most paid VPN services have numerous servers around the world. This ensures that you will get a seamless streaming experience while accessing geo-restricted content. As mentioned earlier, free VPNs have little or no incentive to improve their service; hence very few locations are available. 

3. Stream all around the world

Always use a paid VPN service as you can connect to the American server location wherever you are and continue watching your favorite shows and movies; you don’t have to miss them anymore! The availability of a strong infrastructure and a stable connection make it possible. You’ll be able to access your favorite streaming platforms, such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+ and Amazon Prime, without any hurdles. With a free VPN, it won’t be a pleasure to connect to the server and watch content. 

4. Secure your online presence and maintain anonymity

With a paid VPN, you can be sure that your IP address is masked and in case of a sudden disconnection, the automatic kill switch will kick in and protect you immediately. It secures your online presence and preserves your anonymity; in case someone tries to track you down, they won’t be able to do so. Enjoy surfing the Internet anonymously without fear of prying eyes.

5. Prioritize your security

How do the free VPN services make money? Many of them keep detailed user logs and sell user data to advertisers, third parties and government agencies. You will also notice that logging policies of free VPN services are vaguely described. With credible VPN services, you get detailed logging policies and good customer support, which often come into play when you have problems with your VPN service.

Nothing is free in this world. You are paying them one or the other way. Paid VPN services have all the features while the free ones have annoying ads, higher latency and limited attributes. 

Bottom line 

Everyone loves a free meal, but with a VPN, things are more serious. Choosing the right VPN is immensely significant if you want a good streaming experience combined with reliable security attributes. Different people have different reasons behind using a VPN, so make sure the service you choose has all the features you need. If you are concerned about your online privacy or security and you want to enjoy using all the key features of a paid VPN, like watching your favorite TV series on maximum internet speed, a trustworthy VPN service is mandatory. If you are looking for an authentic source to choose a right VPN service, check this out