5 Free Tools That Can Repair Your Online Brand Reputation

Is your business reputation online in danger? Worry not. You are reading the right article. In this article, we will talk about some free tools that are responsible for repair the online brand reputation and powering business success again.

It is easy to get a crack on your business reputation. But it is equally hard to repair and fix the issue and enjoy the same brand image again. With the following tools, you can somehow manage to fix the issues. However, make sure you determine the root of the cause first before you bang on the problem. Maybe the experts from a reputation management agency can help you a lot.

Let’s talk about the tools and how they benefit the brand reputation online.

5 Free tools that can repair your brand reputation online

  1. Google Alerts: Need free service for monitoring your brand reputation online? Nothing can be better than Google Alerts. Google allows users to monitor the web, keep an eye on the online reviews, brand mentions, and every element that is responsible for generating a strong online reputation for the brand.

    Using Google Alert, you can get real-time data about the reviews or any content published on the web. No matter whether it is positive or negative, it will notify you via email and keep you updated with the customers’ insights.

    Google Alerts is absolutely free. And the best thing is, you can use this monitoring tool for both advanced and basic purposes. You won’t experience a single pinch in your wallet. Just type your business name, add your site, register with email ID, and enjoy tracking your customers.

  2. Reputology: When it comes to monitoring and managing online reputation, Reputology is the best tool. It is one of the most popular tools used by marketers. From monitoring reviews to keeping an eye on the mentions, Reputology has its own set of features to deal with.

    Reputology pushes the negative reviews to the last page and highlights the positive ones to build more engagement. Some key features for which the tool is highly known for include –
     You can receive an instant alert for any newly added reviews through email notification.
    You can access the dashboard to monitor reputation online.
    It acts as a Workflow tool for review follow-up.

  3. Do you need a tool that can crawl your images and build links for your brand? ImageRaider can be the best in this case. Just upload the images you want on your site. The tool will crawl through the web looking for any sites that contain these images.

    To make your brand unique, it is necessary to use innovative and creative images. What’s the use of adding images that are used by other sites. This will hamper your business reputation. After all, you are using someone else’s property.
     Use the tool and find whether any site has already featured the images or not. If yes, remove it immediately in order to avoid a bad impression.

  4. Rize Reviews: Rize Reviews, as the name concerned, is used to monitor reviews over the web. But the feature that attracts the most is you can even increase the number of reviews with this tool.
     Integrate this tool and you will find a dashboard. Using this dashboard, you can keep a watch on the reviews. Whenever any new review is added to the review generating sites or social media, you get instant notifications. Just use your email address to get an instant alert from the tool.

Other than review monitoring and review generating, Rize Reviews is also featured with a website widget. This feature allows you to highlight the best reviews on your website, thus building trust with your visitors.

  • Mention: Mention and Social Mention are the two different tools. Don’t get confused amidst the two. However, Mention contains almost similar features in an advanced form. Mention offers both free and paid plans. You can access the advanced features once you register for the premium services.
     The mention comes with a dashboard using which you can keep an eye on your brand mentions available on social and other digital platforms. You can set an alert whenever a new mention is added on the web.
     Marketers especially use Mention to keep a track of brand names on social media. If you have recently launched a campaign, you can use this tool to calculate the number of mentions obtained. Some prominent features associated with Mention are –

    You can monitor your social media channels.
    You can send a reply to every mention using the dashboard. You can collaborate with your whole team for better performance.


Business reputation is very demanding when you are planning to run your venture online. Over 57% of customers read the Google reviews and find out the Google ratings before making their decision about a brand. Only the businesses with 4 and above ratings are lucky to generate huge traffic and high conversions.

So, guys, don’t you think you must take your business reputation seriously? Get in touch with an internet reputation repair organization and share your requirements with them. Hire the experts and sort out your problem.