5 Essential Factors To Check For While Buying Riding Jackets

Riding a motorcycle these days calls in for various factors to be checked out beforehand to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. There are various gears and accessories available in the market that ensures to offer utmost safety, security and protection to the riders under various circumstances and situations.

A jacket forms a very crucial garment during the ride and gives protection against injuries during accidents, climatic hazards and dust particles. One needs to have adequate knowledge in order to choose the right riding jacket.

Here are some simple tips by which your riding jacket can be more than just a cosmetic addition to your riding gear:


Reflectors are a great resource in a riding jacket in order to improve visibility in the dark, as riding at night is dangerous. These help the rider get noticed by another vehicle. The reflectors on the riding jacket glow in the light of another vehicle and make one highly visible. Hence, other motorists are able to spot the rider from a distance.

It’s Fit

The jacket needs to be of the right fit in order to provide a comfortable and safe ride. The jacket should be able to be worn comfortably both in summer and winter. Its important that the length of the arms should be just perfect as longer sleeves can interfere while holding the handlebars.

Number Of Pockets

One should definitely check for the number of pockets in the jacket. A riding jacket must be equipped with a few pockets to accommodate important stuff, including mobile phone, wallet, etc. This can be an easy way to store important items during a ride. This way you can also carry any of the utilities mentioned above without any hassle.

Air Vents

In case of leather jackets, one must go for the one with air vents. The reason being, leather is poor in the air passage, and if the jacket has an absence of air vents, then the rider might end up sweating profusely during the summer season and have an uncomfortable ride.

Thickness Of The Jacket

While buying a leather jacket, its essential for the rider to keep in mind that the thickness of the leather should be at least a millimeter thick or more. It can be of great help in case of a crash as your skin will not get damaged due to this thick leather layer on it. 

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