14 Stunning Open Hairstyles for Indian Brides

On the wedding day, everyone wishes that everything they wear from head to toe looks perfect. Whether it’s about the bridal lehenga, jewelry, footwear, Mehendi, or anything else, a bride should get everything top notch.

Similarly, when it comes to hairstyles, they should be perfect too. A hairdo has all the power. A beautiful hairdo can add seven stars to your overall look but at the same time, a wrong hairstyle can dwindle the grace of your bridal look as well.

There were times when a bridal hairstyle meant a bun. High or low, buns were the constant companion of Indian brides. But the trends are changing every year especially when it comes to bridal trends. Open hairstyles have created quite an excitement among modern brides. There are several open hairstyles that you can opt for if you are a bride to be. Open hairstyles look amazingly stunning when you are all dolled up as a bride. It provides a stylish touch to your traditional wedding day.

So, why stick to the old school buns when you can try out something new. Here we bring to you a guide with the best open hairstyles for Indian brides.

●    Half tied braid

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A half tied braided hairstyle looks stunning. You can opt among different braids according to your face cut and accessories.

From loose braid locks to french braid and many more, there are a thousand options available. Tie half of your hairs in a loose braid leaving the other half open.

Embellish your hair with some beautiful hair accessories. Flowers matching your outfit will look gorgeous.

●     Disney Princess braids

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What’s a better day to become your dream princess than at your wedding.

A beautiful wrap-around braid looks magnificent on a bridal look. You can opt for it on your Haldi or Mehendi ceremony as well. It will give you a fairytale look making you feel special.

Make a wrap-around braid and leave the rest of the hairs open. You can play with braids for eg. go for a double or triple layered braid according to your preferences.

Embellish them with some shiny or glittery accessories over braids and a few flowers at the back. You can also style this hairstyle for your engagement or cocktail party with an evening gown. Add a crown or tiara to give an overall princess look.

●     Loose waves

Waves or loose curls have always been on the priority list of bridal hairstyles. Earlier, one or two strands of curled hairs were left out of buns or braids to make the bride look prettier.

But as we talked, open hairstyles have taken the attention now. Open loose waves look amazing on a bridal look. Also, if you want to wear a matha Patti or maang tikka then this hairstyle is appropriate for you.

A matha Patti or maang tikka tuck properly with loose waves look very graceful and unique.

●     Minimal and gorgeous


Set your hair loose at one side neatly. Add a big flower, hair comb, or any other accessory on the other side, and you are done.

This hairstyle is very simple but at the same time, it looks effortlessly gorgeous with a bridal outfit.

●     Side parted curls

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This hairstyle has been a part of the bridal look book for generations. All you need to do is smooth your hairs properly with a brush or a smoothening machine. Then, curl up your hairs taking thin bunches of hair at a time.

Then, tuck your hair at one side and push all the hairs on the other side. Decorate up your hairdo with different accessories matching your outfit and you are done.

●     Volume up

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One of the most gorgeous yet simple bridal hairstyles is the volumed up open hair.

All you need to do is, wash your hair. Let them dry and then comb your hair. Now using a curling iron, curl your hair by taking thin layers at a time. In this hairstyle, you need to go for small and overall curls instead of loose ones. Small curls will make your hair look voluminous.

Once you are done curling, it is up to you how to style your hair. You can either keep them open it suits your face. In case you feel open curls look too much for you, tuck a few hairs from the front at your back. Now accessorize them up and you are set for your bridal look.

●     Braids and curls

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 Braids and curls, both the hairstyles look mesmerizing in their place. But think, what miraculous beauty they will make when combined.

In this hairstyle, all you need to do is again curl your hair because curls are the best friends of a bride. Now, tuck the front hairs back. And then, make a few pretty braids with the open hair.

Adorn the hairstyle with some beautiful flowers or hair accessories and you are all set.

●     Bubble braids


This hairstyle, as you can see, looks stunning when done and adorned appropriately.

You can pair this hairstyle with your Mehendi or Haldi outfit. Whenever giving bridal Mehendi tips for ceremonies, this hairstyle stays on the hit list.

●     Simplicity is beautiful.

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Simplicity goes a long way. This simple straight open hairstyle looks very graceful and stylish.

This hairdo proves that being a bride doesn’t always need to be hectic. You can look effortlessly beautiful as a bride.

Opt for this hairstyle for an evening party or reception. Pair up some beautiful Indian jewelry with it and a trendy custom made lehenga.

●     The rose love!

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Who doesn’t love roses? They look beautiful, elegant, and give all the wedding feels ever needed.

So, why not add a hint of this beautiful flower in your hairstyle as well. Go for a rose bun along with open hairs. Enrich the look by adding a few extra flowers to your hair and you are ready to look phenomenally beautiful on your special day.

●     Headband look

Nowadays, matha pattis come in many different styles. One of our most favorite is the headband style matha patti.

Style your hair in cascading curls. Now instead of clipping them or tucking them, wear a matha patti in a headband style to keep hair intact. This hairstyle looks glorious. Also, if you add a dupatta over the head behind this matha patti, it would give you a very traditional yet modern look. Just remember to keep your curls in front on both sides.

●     Twisties to keep them tuck


This hairstyle is the simplest and yet takes all the appreciation. We have been doing this hairstyle since our childhoods.

Just twist your hair from one side and keep them open on the other side. You can opt for either a straight, blow-dried or curled look for this hairstyle. The choice is all yours as it would look equally beautiful in every way.

●     Waterfall braid

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A waterfall braid makes your hair look bouncy and voluminous. It looks beautiful in every way. If you are one of those looking for a not so heavy hairstyle for your look, then this hairstyle is all you need.

This hairstyle includes a braid made around the back of your head like a crown.  The rest of the hairs are set free in loose waves. The overall hairstyle looks as if the open hair waves are flowing down through the braid like a waterfall.

●     Hair wreath

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Another very unique and pretty hairstyle includes wearing a hair wreath or what we call a floral tiara on your hair. You can wear a wreath over curled, straight, or wavy hair according to your choice. This hairstyle is perfect for a Mehendi or Haldi ceremony where you are looking for a quirky look.