10 Tips to get the App Store to Approve Your App

Mobile Apps provides a virtual platform and a revelation for entrepreneurs. Launching an app is one thing and getting it approved on an app store is another. It works like obtaining a patent from the governing body for the medicine you have developed. If you need help with mobile app development  in Noida then you can get in touch with us.

Yes, the countless hours of planning, testing, and building should not be wasted. Getting a green signal from the App Store is an important event for the life cycle of an app.

Here are some tips for your application to get approved by the App store:-

1. Does your app crash sometimes?

If your app often crashes, chances of getting rejected increases. To avoid it, check your application on all devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). Most applications get rejected because of different types of crashes (including crashes on launch), which could be easily prevented if the app had been properly tested in the development process.

2. Does your app description refers to functionality your app does not fully encompass?

Do not oversell your app or to cover functionality. List all the features the functionality users can expect to seek out in your app description. It is forbidden to incorporate greyed out functionalities which will only be implemented in future versions.

3. Does your app become slow or pack up after a particular time or number of runs?

If your application becomes unresponsive after using it for a short time, it is going to be due to some memory leaks. You can use the Instruments tool in X-Code to check any possible memory leaks in your app.

4. Does your app description ask the app’s price?

You are not alleged to include any regard to your app price in its description, as App Store prices may vary from country to country.

5. Does your application include private APIs not defined in Apple Software Development Kit?

You are only allowed to use APIs which are approved by Apple for public use. Apple is now provided with an automated tool that can detect the use of private APIs so, you’d better avoid using forbidden APIs not to risk rejection.

6. Is your application design compliant with the Human Interface Guidelines set by Apple?

The Human Interface Guidelines describe the principles to style a wonderfully user-friendly interface compliant with Apple requirements.

7. Does your application have very little functionality, like simply opening a web page?

When the App Store was originally found out, many apps with limited functionality were submitted. It was quite common for companies to undertake and submit apps whose only feature was to open their company website, aiming at attracting more traffic. These kinds of apps are rejected nowadays.

8. Does your app allow you together to use data?

If you collect the information of your visitors through your apps — such as name, address, or phone number — you should always inform your users on the terms of use of their details and offer them the possibility to opt-out. To do this, you ought to provide your users with a transparent privacy policy to acknowledge the importance of consumer privacy.

9. Does your application include abusive content, pornographic material, prolonged graphic violence, or ridicule public figures? 

Racist comments, if it contains such elements than your application will be rejected.

10. Are you able to prove permission to use all the copyrighted material shown in your app?

You must be able to prove ownership or permission to use all content within your apps, such as artwork, code, and the overall concept. Should Apple have doubts about your content, you would possibly be asked to prove ownership or permission to use it.

I hope this article will help you a little to get your application approved by the App Store, or you can get in touch with us for mobile app development services in Noida.